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Our bots are crawling the web continuously and automatically adding tens of thousands of companies to our database every month. If your company is not listed in our database it is only because our bots haven’t gotten to you yet.

For a fee we can expedite your inclusion and your basic listing will be up within 2 business days.

We also offer preferential listings at an additional charge.
Preferential listings will bring many more visitors to your site, all potential clients.
We have two standard programs, Gold and Platinum (see below). Both of these programs are very good for driving more clients to your company.

In addition we also offer custom solutions. Please contact us to discuss the optimal way to bring your company the perfect visitors.

If you have questions please feel free to contact us, however your question may already be answered in the frequently asked questions below.


A basic listing ensures that your company’s exposure to the world matches that of your competitors. We charge USD 100 to expedite your company’s inclusion, but right now it’s only $50.
Your listing is for life. The inclusion fee is one time only and includes free Spacegy Certification.


(normal price $100)



A gold listing will give your company a large amount of additional exposure.
Your company will appear on top of the list of each of your categories and on top of your location page.
With a gold listing visitors looking for companies in a certain category will choose your company among the thousands of companies similar to yours.
If you choose the one year option your listing will stay on our site after a year but will automatically go down to basic level.

1 YEAR USD 200

(normal price $300)


LIFE USD 1,000

(normal price $1,500)



A platinum listing will give your company the additional exposure that comes with a gold listing plus inclusion on the short list of companies that receive additional exposure in the ‘’IN FOCUS’’ section of the front page on a rotating basis.
If you choose the one year option your listing will stay on our site after a year but will automatically go down to basic level.

1 YEAR USD 400

(normal price $600)


LIFE USD 2,000

(normal price $3,000)



Q: In the Gold and Platinum programs, what if there are many companies similar to mine, which one goes on top of the side list? On how many companies’ side lists will my company be on?

A: The side list for each of the million plus listings on our site all get generated individually for each listing. The companies with gold or platinum status get selected first. If your company has Gold or Platinum status your company will on average appear in the top 3 of the side list of 2500 listings, most of them will be the number one spot. However, if your company’s categories are very common such as steel, plastic, or machinery that number could be more like 20,000. Likewise if your categories are more unusual the number could be lower.

Q: How can I make sure my company has the best coverage it can possibly have?

A: Be as detailed as possible regarding your categories. Our listings are organized in over 100,000 categories. In addition to that we add categories all the time. Every additional category you are listed under gives you more coverage.

Q: Will a long and detailed description help my company?

A: The description itself does not directly affect your rankings on, however a long and detailed description will put your company higher in searches. A long and detailed description will also get more notice from other search engines that index our site, hence your rankings in other search engines will improve as a result. Do keep in mind though that your description needs to be original, you cannot use an existing description from your site or from some other directory. Duplicate content gives you negative points in the indexing of most search engines and will harm your overall web presence.

Q: Will I get a large increase in hits when I sign up for one of your programs?

A: You will get an increase in high quality hits. You may only get a few extra hits a day but they are all from people who are looking to place orders with a supplier that matches your specifications. For example if your company manufactures plastic injection molds you will only get visits from people who are actively looking for plastic injection mold manufacturers. You will get no junk traffic from us, only high quality deliberate and targeted traffic.

Q: Do you offer custom programs apart from the Basic, Gold, and Platinum programs?

A: Yes, of course. We are very flexible. Just contact us and we’ll come up with the perfect plan for your needs.

Q: What is the advantage of the Platinum program versus the Gold program?

A: The Platinum gives you the same coverage as the Gold program, but Platinum listings will appear above the Gold listings in the side list. Platinum listings also become part of a pool of listings that appear on the front page on a rotating basis. While this front page appearance does not give you much direct traffic it does get your listing better coverage in external search engines such as Google, Bing, etc..

If your question is not answered above please contact us.