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01 Organizzazione Per L'Informatica S.R.L. Lecce, Italy
02 Tech S.R.L. Genova, Italy

1001 Id Chesnay, France
1Eeurope Deutschland Gmbh Holzgerlingen, Germany
1S-Rarus Moscow, Russian Federation
1S: Franchaizi-Its Avtomat Moscow, Russian Federation
1Stplan Gmbh Munchen, Germany

2 B System S.R.L. Pistoia, Italy
2 F Elettronica S.A.S. Padova, Italy
2 S.I. Software E Servizi Per L'Ingegneria S.R.L. Ferrara, Italy
2 V S.R.L. Brianza, Italy
2B Consulting Paris, France
2B Soft Service Di M. Briante C. S.A.S. Udine, Italy
2Dcom Chavigny, France
2Forse Gmbh Mittelfranken, Germany
2Gm S.R.O. Praha, Czech Republic
2Ids Cloud, France
2Ig A/S Alleroed, Denmark
2K Soluzioni Informatiche Di Scaletti M.&Galleani G. S.N.C. Varese, Italy
2Lgk Paris, France
2Lg S.A.S. Di Costantini Lucia & C. Belluno, Italy
2T Info Service S.R.L. Milano, Italy

3 A Location Gonesse, France
3 C Spol. S R.O Litomysl, Czech Republic
3 Fox.Net S.N.C. Di Campantico Marco E C. Alessandria, Italy
3 Step It As Oslo, Norway
3A Sistemi S.R.L. Cremona, Italy
3A Sistemi S.R.L. Bologna, Italy
3As.It S.R.L. Pisa, Italy
3D Endless S.R.L. Bologna, Italy
3D Multimedias Paris, France
3D Automazione S.R.L. Bologna, Italy
3Diemme S.R.L. Como, Italy
3Go Soft Anderlecht, Belgium

4 Sys S.R.L. Roma, Italy
4Connect S.N.C. Di Turco Marco & C. Cosenza, Italy
4Doit S.R.L. Treviso, Italy
4Dsoft S.R.L. Siracusa, Italy
4G Systems Gmbh Hamburg, Germany
4I - Tech S.R.L. Lecce, Italy
4M Software S.R.L. Macerata, Italy

5Eme Gauche Paris, France
5G Grilletto Maria Ss. Del Carmine Piccola Societa' Cooperativa Napoli, Italy
5P S.R.O. Praha, Czech Republic

9000Uno Di Urbani M. & Didimi L. Ancona, Italy

A & B S.R.L. Roma, Italy
A & L Brianza, Italy
A + B Solutions Gmbh Gmund, Germany
A 3F Orleans, France
A Bancolini Symbol S.P.A. Bologna, Italy
A E Bit Di Giuseppe Millo D. I. Palermo, Italy
A E T Conception Crosne, France
A Software Factory S.R.L. Benevento, Italy
A T Kearney International As Oslo, Norway
A V M Audio-Visuelles Marketing Und Computersysteme Gmbh Berlin, Germany
A X Business Intelligence Reykjavik, Iceland
A&C Computers En Automatisering B.V. Alblasserdam, Netherlands
A. Computers S.R.L. Spezia, Italy
A.B.S. S.R.L. Milano, Italy
A.B.C. Technology S.N.C. Di Aiazzi Simone E Roberto Bianchi Firenze, Italy
A.B.C. Communications & Software S.R.L. Lecco, Italy
A.C.S. Informatique Trelaze, France
A.C.M. S.R.L. Roma, Italy
A.C.S. S.N.C. Di Corte Sualon Alberto & C. Belluno, Italy
A.C.P. Gervais, France
A.D.A. Informatica S.N.C. Di Zumpano D. & C. Cosenza, Italy
A.E.P. S.R.L. Napoli, Italy
A.E.C. Elettronica Mersanne Di Mersanne Mauro Spezia, Italy
A.F.I.C. Castres, France
A.G. Informatica Di Amato Giuseppe Caserta, Italy
A.Logica S.R.L. Bologna, Italy
A.L.A. Service S.R.L. Milano, Italy
A.M. Informatica S.R.L. Brescia, Italy
A.M.F. Informatica S.R.L. Brianza, Italy
A.M.P. Recycling S.R.L. Ferrara, Italy
A.M. Consulting Di Andrea Mazzani Milano, Italy
A.P.Freitas Lda Guimaraes, Portugal
A.P.R.A. Sys S.A.S. Macerata, Italy
A.P.M Services S.R.L. Milano, Italy
A.S.I.S. Informatica S.A.S. Di Mario De Cicco Lecce, Italy
A.T.I. Software Gmbh Bayern, Germany
A.T. Computer Di Tagliari Adriano Bolzano, Italy
A.T.I. Software Gmbh Munchen, Germany
A.T.E.T. S.R.L. Roma, Italy
A.T.F. Cramayel, France
A.T.E. S.R.L. Verona, Italy
A.V.M. Informatique Irigny, France
A.Z. Info S.R.L. Roma, Italy
A1 Computer Sales & Services Limited Laoighaire, Ireland
A10S Itech S.R.L. Milano, Italy
A2I Alsace Informatique Colmar, France
A2Pc Toulouse, France
A2V Bordeaux, France
A3 Dis France
Aasci Computer Luxembourg Boevange, Luxembourg
Aat Aston Gmbh Mittelfranken, Germany
Ab Bureautique Blangy, France
Ab Supplies Bruxelles, Belgium
Ab Trade S.R.O. Liberec, Czech Republic
Ab Factor Poland
Ab-Infotech Cestas, France
Aba S.R.L. Torino, Italy
Abaco Informatica S.R.L. Pesaro Urbino, Italy
Abaque System Thiers, France
Abas Systemhaus Fur Integrierte Organisationslosungen Gmbh Reinbek, Germany
Abas Informationssysteme Gmbh Uhingen, Germany
Abak Systemes Laille, France
Abakom Ostwald, France
Abacus Intermedia-Gesellschaft Fur Informationstechnologie Mbh Icking, Germany
Abacus Informationssysteme Gmbh Alpirsbach, Germany
Abaco Holding Sp Z O O Krakow, Poland
Abase Europe Lingolsheim, France
Abacus Equipement Electronique Seine, France
Abax Computers S.N.C. Perugia, Italy
Abbs Paris, France
Abbakan France Rungis, France
Abdr Venissieux, France
Abf Idee S.N.C. Cremona, Italy
Abg Spin S A Warszawa, Poland
Abg S.A. Warszawa, Poland
Abiss Mmb Paris, France
Abitat Sistemi Informativi Territoriali S.R.L. Vicenza, Italy
Abk - Systeme Gesellschaftf. Ausbildung Beratung U. Kommunikationssysteme Mbh Dreieich, Germany
Able Informatique (Admiralsoft) Brugge, Belgium
Abl Informatique Cormontreuil, France
Aboglas Di Freddo D. & C. S.N.C. Torino, Italy
Abo Data S.R.L. Genova, Italy
Abp Patent Network Gmbh Windischgarsten, Austria
Abp Automationssysteme Podgurski Gmbh Arolsen, Germany
Abr Informatica S.N.C. Di Belli Luca & C. Perugia, Italy
Abs Comunication Milano, Italy
Abs Euro Consulting Bondy, France
Abs Concept Paris, France
Abscisse Ruelle, France
Absolute Digital Service Ferriere, France
Ac Group Informatica S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Aca It - Solutions Hasselt, Belgium
Acando As Trondheim, Norway
Acam Systemautomation Gmbh Niklasdorf, Austria
Acatus Informatique Orleans, France
Accord France Gap, France
Access Informatique Oise, France
Accord S.R.O. Praha, Czech Republic
Access It S.R.O. Lipa, Czech Republic
Access It Ascq, France
Access Accounting Ireland Limited Dublin, Ireland
Accpac Dublin, Ireland
Acciuffi Fratelli S.R.L. Modena, Italy
Access Technologie Et Stockage Paris, France
Acces Services Integration Informatique Juvignac, France
Acces Informatique De Gestion Chateaugiron, France
Ace S.R.L. Bari, Italy
Ace Etudes & Conseils Sas Paris, France
Acea Gmbh Oberschleissheim, Germany
Acesi France Walck, France
Acerthia Paris, France
Aceone S.R.L. Torino, Italy
Aces Direct B.V. Tilburg, Netherlands
Acebit Gmbh Darmstadt, Germany
Achilles Systems As Tananger, Norway
Aci Informatica S.P.A. Roma, Italy
Ackpe Russian Federation
Ackurat Suomen Oy Helsinki, Finland
Ack Soft Orcher, France
Ack S.R.L. Salerno, Italy
Aclco Creativeworkshop Di Andrea Carlo Lusetti Emilia, Italy
Acon Spol. S R.O. Praha, Czech Republic
Acp Computer Handels Gmbh Wien, Austria
Acp It Solutions Ag Oberbayern, Germany
Acryline Di Mario Ivanisevic Perugia, Italy
Acs Systems Valbonne, France
Acsel Electronics S.R.L. Torino, Italy
Acs Service Srls Terni, Italy
Acsg + Delta Systems Gmbh Hamburg, Germany
Acs Networks Group S.R.O. Ostrava, Czech Republic
Actiplay Montpellier, France
Acti Line Diffusion Eaubonne, France
Actisens Clan, France
Activ Rl Beauvais, France
Actimage Consulting Sas Paris, France
Act Beratungs- & System-Gmbh Fur Vorbildliche Kommunikation Oberhaching, Germany
Actif Sud Ouest Sa Pessac, France
Activ'S.I Puteaux, France
Actif Dps Lisses, France
Act Solutions Group S.R.L. Napoli, Italy
Act Assist Comput Et Solut Informatiques Marseille, France
Active Logistics Koblenz Gmbh Koblenz, Germany
Actionit Gmbh Lubbecke, Germany
Acx Modena, Italy
Ad Apotheken Datenverarbeitung Gmbh & Co. Kg Oberhausen, Germany
Ad Net Morangis, France
Ad Hoc Obernai, France
Ada Project S.R.L. Napoli, Italy
Adamas S.R.L. Pavia, Italy
Adam Software S.R.O. Olomouc, Czech Republic
Adco Partner As Stokke, Norway
Adcos Romania Bucuresti, Romania
Addon Systemhaus Gmbh Boblingen, Germany
Adduci Gaetano Cosenza, Italy
Adding S.R.L. Bergamo, Italy
Addison Vertriebszentrum Freiburg Gmbh Freiburg, Germany
Addex Distribution As Sandefjord, Norway
Adeon Di Giuseppina Adesso & C. S.A.S. Salerno, Italy
Ademlog Cannat, France
Adeuza Sa France
Adealis Paris, France
Adenium Paris, France
Adeo Joanna Lachendro Krakow, Poland
Adel Informatique Vertou, France
Adequate Systems Paris, France
Adeco Project Engineering B.V. S-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Adequate Solutions Gmbh Lahr, Germany
Adexgroup Paris, France
Adeglas S.R.L. Torino, Italy
Adgensite Lyon, France
Adhoclogica S.R.L. Cuneo, Italy
Adi Germany Gmbh Bremen, Germany
Adiepss (Association Pour Le Developpement Informatique Des Ets Publics De Sante Ou Sociaux) France
Adkom Vasilev I S Ie Sd Sofia, Bulgaria
Adkom Moscow, Russian Federation
Adlib Information Systems B.V. Maarssen, Netherlands
Admicom Systems Development B.V. Weert, Netherlands
Admicom Systems Services B.V. Veenendaal, Netherlands
Adour Gestion Informatique Mont, France
Adp Dealer Services Italia S.R.L. Padova, Italy
Adp Dealer Services Norge As Oslo, Norway
Adp Employer Services Gmbh Neu-Isenburg, Germany
Adres Informatique Riom, France
Adria Lab S.R.L. Ancona, Italy
Ads Artificial Design Systems Gmbh Oberbayern, Germany
Adsoft S.R.L. Spezia, Italy
Adstore Cholet, France
Advancedge Paris, France
Advanced Copygraph System Union, France
Advanced Network Technologies Muszaki Szolgaltato Termelesi Kereskedelmi Es Fejlesztesi Kft. Budapest, Hungary
Advanced Encryption Technology Europe B.V. Arnhem, Netherlands
Advanced Micro System Italia S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Advanced Micro Devices Gesellschaft Mit Beschrankter Haftung Aschheim, Germany
Advance Integrated Network Systems Guyancourt, France
Advice Information Technology S.R.L. Torino, Italy
Advanced Micro Devices Gmbh Oberbayern, Germany
Advanced Chemical Engineering Co. Ltd. Bangkok, Thailand
Advance Informatique Anjou Ecouflant, France
Advanced Partner Sa Courbevoie, France
Advent Norway As Oslo, Norway
Aeb It-Systeme Gmbh Bensheim, Germany
Aedes - Software Per Ingegneria Civile Di Pugi Francesco - S.A.S. Pisa, Italy
Aedificomm B.V. Barendrecht, Netherlands
Aedsicad Aktiengesellschaft Oberbayern, Germany
Aegis S.R.O. Praha, Czech Republic
Aemme Informatica Di A. Miele Napoli, Italy
Aenne Press S.P.A. Palermo, Italy
Aep Sud S.R.L. Palermo, Italy
Aertronica S.R.L. Brianza, Italy
Aesop As Oslo, Norway
Afib Acces Format Informatique Bureautique Merignac, France
Afina France Nanterre, France
Afk Computer Di Corradini Flavio Emilia, Italy
Afodis Besancon, France
Aforia Antony, France
Afx Informatique Montpellier, France
Ag Neovo Technology B.V. Ijssel, Netherlands
Ag Film S.R.L. Crotone, Italy
Ag Falcon S.R.O. Sedlcany, Czech Republic
Ag Com A.S. Smirice, Czech Republic
Aganetto Cristian Verona, Italy
Age Computer Sp. Z O.O. Wroclaw, Poland
Agency-Of-External-Economic-Telecommunications Russian Federation
Agemis Yvette, France
Agedis Geispolsheim, France
Agence Web Conseil Foret, France
Agedat Di G.Oggioni Milano, Italy
Agfa Healthcare Enterprise Solutions Bordeaux, France
Agilis Formation Hyeres, France
Agorus Yvette, France
Agora' Software S.R.L. Lecco, Italy
Agricommand Marseille, France
Agrimatica Software S.R.L. Salerno, Italy
Agronica Group S.R.L. Forli Cesena, Italy
Agrobusinessinform Jsc Sofija, Bulgaria
Ah Cadfans Gmbh Hamburg, Germany
Ahead Informatica S.R.L. Torino, Italy
Ahead Entertainment Software Gmbh Niedersachsen, Germany
Ahis Advanced Healthcare Information Systems Gmbh Klagenfurt, Austria
Ahtoplex S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Ai-Es-Mekhaniks Moscow, Russian Federation
Aia Software B.V. Nijmegen, Netherlands
Aicm Saint-Brieuc, France
Aicat Ca Technologies Consulting Gmbh Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Aida S.R.L. Modena, Italy
Aiptek International Gmbh Willich, Germany
Aircom Latvia
Airtel Atn Ltd Laoghaire, Ireland
Airpack S.P.A. Lodi, Italy
Airsens Velin, France
Ais Automations- Und Informationssysteme Gmbh Hessen, Germany
Aisoft Spol. S R.O. Brno-Stred, Czech Republic
Aissystems S.R.L. Verona, Italy
Aisne Bureautique Systemes S A Montberault, France
Aitec S.R.L. Modena, Italy
Aixonix Ag Aachen, Germany
Aixial Perret, France
Aj Soft Eurl Yon, France
Aj Data & Kommunikasjon As Alta, Norway
Ajc Info Belfort, France
Akasha S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Akademie Jana Amose Komenskeho O.S. Frydek-Mistek, Czech Republic
Akewa France
Akquinet Ag Hamburg, Germany
Akronet Sp. Z O.O. Wroclaw, Poland
Aks Group A/S Denmark
Aktis A.S. Praha, Czech Republic
Aktiv Hausverwaltungs Gmbh Sachsen, Germany
Akvaplast Ltd. Russian Federation
Akyurek Technology Ltd. Akdeniz, Turkey
Akzenta Gesellschaft Zur Vermittlung Von Nationalen Und Internationalen Versicherungen Mbh Boblingen, Germany
Al Hirah International Sarl Nice, France
Al-Bakry Co. Maadi, Cairo, Egypt
Aladin Tehnoklima Ood Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Alain Le Goff Developpement Paris, France
Ala Projects S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Alasi S.A.S. Di Franco Arcieri E C Roma, Italy
Alain Brion Sarl Clamart, France
Albertini Service & C. Brescia, Italy
Albatron S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Albertazzi Plastic Modena, Italy
Albiparc Orangis, France
Albit Gmbh Mulheim, Germany
Albatec Ferrand, France
Albasoft - S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Alberini Gianna Livorno, Italy
Albatech Di Albarano Riccardo Napoli, Italy
Albedo S.A.S. Di Bottazzo Alberto E C. Venezia, Italy
Alba Consulting S.R.L. Brescia, Italy
Albasoftware Di Colombo Alberto Brianza, Italy
Alcatech Music & Service Gmbh Dresden, Germany
Alc Computer Pisa, Italy
Alcatel-Lucent Network Services Gmbh Dusseldorf, Germany
Alcadon As Oslo, Norway
Alcyons Biarritz, France
Aldeis Montpellier, France
Aldeon Toulouse, France
Aldam S.R.O. Jablunkov, Czech Republic
Aldo Bolognesi Emilia, Italy
Alex Computer Di Romeo Antonio Imperia, Italy
Alexander Schmidt Verwaltung Gmbh Grasbrunn, Germany
Alexandrie Aignan, France
Alea Gmbh Jena, Germany
Aleph Informatica S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Aleph Informatica S.R.L. Frosinone, Italy
Aleph S.R.L. Como, Italy
Alexis Di Bertoni Aldo Brescia, Italy
Ales S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Alfa Software Di Rossi Giuseppe Piceno, Italy
Alfaconta S.R.L. Firenze, Italy
Alfanet S.A. Thessaloniki, Greece
Alf Ag Leingarten, Germany
Alfa.Co.Srl. Livorno, Italy
Algo Data Nantes, France
Algemeen Rekencentrum Gent Gent, Belgium
Algonomics Zwijnaarde, Belgium
Algar S.P.A. Milano, Italy
Alg Software Sa Perret, France
Alhof S.P.A. Roma, Italy
Alientech S.R.L. Vercelli, Italy
Alias Thizouaille, France
Alice Informatica S.R.L. Napoli, Italy
Alias - Tag S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Alicom S.R.O. Nisou, Czech Republic
Aliasnet S.R.L. Mantova, Italy
Alisia Societa' Cooperativa Lecce, Italy
Aliaweb S.R.O. Praha, Czech Republic
Alkotek Russian Federation
All-Russia-Scientific-Research-Institute-Of-Computer-Technology-And-Informatization-Problems Moscow, Russian Federation
Allied Automation Engineers Faisalabad, Pakistan, Pakistan
Allimpex Handelsgesellschaft Mbh Dortmund, Germany
Allbasketball Paris, France
All In One Netzwerke Gmbh Rain, Germany
All4Tec Genie Logiciel Laval, France
All Service S.R.L. Verona, Italy
Allgemeine Industrieanlagenservice Gesellschaft M.B.H. Wien, Austria
Allocare Gmbh Frankfurt, Germany
Allied Telesyn Vertriebsgesellschaft M.B.H. Wien, Austria
Alliance Conseil Logiciel Alencon, France
Allshare France
Alliasys Fougeretz, France
Allinco Software B.V. Breda, Netherlands
Allied Telesis International B.V. Hoofddorp, Netherlands
Almis Informatique Nogna, France
Almerine Folschviller, France
Almanova Sistemi S.N.C. Genova, Italy
Almatrade Spol. S R.O. Brno, Czech Republic
Alpha Soluzioni Informatiche S.A.S. Di Ruggero Calo' & C. Pisa, Italy
Alpha Devel Troyes, France
Alphalives Multimedia Paris, France
Alphasoft S.R.L. Benevento, Italy
Alpitech Laval, France
Alpha Cim Sas Evry, France
Alpha Computer Clean Ltd Bray, Ireland
Alpha 3 Informatique Picardie Champagne-Ardennes Soissons, France
Alphanet Internet Provider - Siedziba Firmy Katowice, Poland
Alpha Servizi Di Messina Alessandro Palermo, Italy
Alpes Conseil Informatique Gap, France
Alpcad Software Voiron, France
Alp Leader Computr Eurl Grenoble, France
Alplast Italia S.R.L. Torino, Italy
Alps Interactive Grenoble, France
Alpha Data Caisse Chambery, France
Alpha Technologie Paris, France
Alpha Omega Elettronica S.R.L.S. Roma, Italy
Alpha-X Digital Ag Munchen, Germany
Alpi Informatica Cuneo, Italy
Alpes Caisses Trevignin, France
Alqubit Di Borislav Tatchev Milano, Italy
Alsitech S.R.L. Lecco, Italy
Alstor T Szukala I Wspolnicy Spolka Jawna Warszawa, Poland
Alsys Data S R L Bucharest, Romania
Alsace Maintenance Informatique Lingolsheim, France
Altidev Sarl Touch, France
Alter-Informatique Biarritz, France
Altec Computer Systeme Gmbh Langenhagen, Germany
Altaponthus Malmaison, France
Altec Service & Lab S.R.L. Brianza, Italy
Alternate Computerversand Nederland C.V. Ridderkerk, Netherlands
Altra Computer Technik Gmbh Erlensee, Germany
Altair Net S.R.L. Chieti, Italy
Alta Concept Mans, France
Altpro D.O.O. Zastupstvo Za Farnell Bernstein Ferraz I Deuta Werke Zagreb, Croatia
Altis Technologies Roses, France
Altitude Informatique Coignieres, France
Alta-Yure Moscow, Russian Federation
Alvenia Paris, France
Alzeyer Automobilgesellschaft Mbh Alzey, Germany
Am Link Di Iurillo Michele E Longhi Alessandro S.N.C. Cremona, Italy
Am Cube Goult, France
Amalto Technologies Paris, France
Amadeus Hungary Touristic And Computer Technics Servicing Limited Liabiliy Company Amadeus Hungary L Budapest, Hungary
Ama S.P.A. Vicenza, Italy
Ambroggi Mario S.A.S. Piacenza, Italy
Ambris Informatique Merignac, France
Ambela Businessandtechnology( Private) Limited Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia
Ame Advanced Memory Electronics Gmbh Riedstadt, Germany
Amexio Paris, France
Amenothes Conception Besancon, France
Amesto Solutions As Lysaker, Norway
Amenagement Exploitat Fosse Marmitaine Rouen, France
Amg.Net Sa Lodz, Poland
Amg. Net S.A. Lodz, Poland
Ami Distribution Lande, France
Amigest Lune, France
Amont Informatique Gameville, France
Amo Informatica S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Amplituda Plyus Izhevsk, Russian Federation
Ampacet Italia Srl Italy
Amperel-Electronica Industrial S.A. Lisboa, Portugal
Amra Informatica E Comunicazione Di Azzollini Corrado & C. S.A.S. Bari, Italy
Amr Electronique Just, France
Amsterdam Internet Exchange B.V. Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amt-Sybex Group Ltd Foxrock, Ireland
Amt Informatiques-Atelier Medi Terraneen Aubagne, France
Amtronik Gmbh Oberpfalz, Germany
Anapro S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Anaid Consult S.R.L. Romania
Analysis Software E Ricerca S.R.L. Bologna, Italy
Analyse Base Donnees Hardware Informatiq Reims, France
Anbud-Comp S.C. Rumia, Poland
Ancal - Plasticos S.A. Azemeis, Portugal
Ancrum Arcueil, France
Ancitel S.P.A. Roma, Italy
Andaines Services Sarl L'Aiguillon, France
Andra. Sp. Z O.O. Warszawa, Poland
Andromeda S.A.S. Di Blo' Sante & C. Verbania, Italy
Andos Di Dossi Davide Bergamo, Italy
And Moscow, Russian Federation
Anelia Pau, France
Anf Kompyuters Moscow, Russian Federation
Angel Networks Villejuif, France
Angelucci Marco Bologna, Italy
Anitec S.R.L. Padova, Italy
Anixe Polska Sp. Z O.O. Wroclaw, Poland
Anixandra S.C. - Systemy Autoid - Biuro Handlowe Warszawa, Poland
Anicrin S.R.L. Italy
Annalys Ma Nature Bien Aimee Paladru, France
Anomos S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Anoxsoft B.V. Amsterdam, Netherlands
Anpa S.R.L. Varese, Italy
Anping Letai Hardware Wire Mesh Product Factory Taiwan
Answ&R S.A.S. Di Izzo Nicola Bologna, Italy
Ansys Gesellschaft Fur Entwicklung Und Vertrieb Von Soft Und Hardware Mbh Mittelfranken, Germany
Anteklab S.R.L. Mantova, Italy
Antos S.R.L. Ancona, Italy
Antico Olindo E Cesare S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Antidot Lambesc, France
Anthemis Villeurbanne, France
Antidotes Informatiques Huveaune, France
Anvil S.R.L. Verona, Italy
Aos Business Solutions Gmbh Braak, Germany
Ap Sistemi S.N.C. Di Maci E Carbone Catania, Italy
Ap1 Informatica S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Apach'Network Ulis, France
Apek Elektronika I Oprogramowanie Warszawa, Poland
Aperia Paris, France
Apeg S.R.O. Sestajovice, Czech Republic
Api-Link. Sp. Z O.O. Warszawa, Poland
Apice S.R.L. Treviso, Italy
Api Services Paris, France
Aplsoft S.R.O. Praha, Czech Republic
Apl Sistemi S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Aplis.Cz A.S. Praha, Czech Republic
Apogea Centre Ingre, France
Apogea Mediterranee Lattes, France
Applicationnet B.V. Groningen, Netherlands
Apple Gmbh Oberbayern, Germany
Appligraphic Riottier, France
Applications Developpements Informatiques Saclay, France
Application Impression Service Versailles, France
Appello Tanacsado Es Szolgaltato Korlatolt Felelossegu Tarsasag Budapest, Hungary
Applied International Informatics Gmbh & Co. Kg Berlin, Germany
Applimedia Technologies Paris, France
Apple Aktiebolag Filial I Finland Helsinki, Finland
Applications Techniques Etudes Realisations Mecaniques Bretonneux, France
Applic Tracab Identif Systemesateis Union, France
Applicat Bureautique Service Tours, France
Applied Security Gmbh Unterfranken, Germany
Aprile Billancourt, France
Aprote As Tartumaa, Estonia
Aprogsys Besancon, France
April Technologies Lyon, France
Apsis Roubaix, France
Apsalys Seine, France
Apside Top Corps, France
Apsydoc Paris, France
Aptadigital S.R.L. Verona, Italy
Aptoma As Oslo, Norway
Apteryx Moulineaux, France
Aquila Consulting Courbevoie, France
Aquilio Societa' Di Servizi Aziendali S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Aquasoft S.R.O. Praha, Czech Republic
Aquarius Di Angelo Lo Celso & C. S.A.S. Cosenza, Italy
Aqvasoft Di Loffredo Davide Giuseppe & C. S.A.S. Torino, Italy
Aranea Consult B.V. Vlijmen, Netherlands
Aran Informatica Di Impallomeni Riccardo Arezzo, Italy
Arakis Valence, France
Arboost Technologies Suresnes, France
Arbes Technologies S.R.O. Praha, Czech Republic
Arbor Media B.V. Doetinchem, Netherlands
Arbyte Mc Pjsc Moscow, Russian Federation
Arcom Distribuzione S.R.L. Brianza, Italy
Archimede Di Tedesco Antonino E C. Trapani, Italy
Arc Informatique France
Arcante Sa Massy, France
Arcadia S.R.L. Treviso, Italy
Archimedia S.R.L. Rovigo, Italy
Archi.Net Chantilly, France
Arch - O S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Archiclass Services S.A.S. Milano, Italy
Arcor Online Gmbh Frankfurt, Germany
Archibel Assesse, Belgium
Arc Data S.R.L. Brianza, Italy
Ardbrook Ltd Dublin, Ireland
Ard Research Lab Di Raffaella Ciociola Lecce, Italy
Ardent Puteaux, France
Aredici S.R.L. Bologna, Italy
Area Comunicazione E Informatica S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Area Gestionali S.R.L. Salerno, Italy
Area S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Aresoft S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Area 32 S.R.L. Venezia, Italy
Arena Electronic Gmbh Ratingen, Germany
Area Ufficio Brescia, Italy
Area Due Di Lutzu Pierpaolo E Daniele Patrizia Treviso, Italy
Areabyte S.R.L. Treviso, Italy
Arfo Varese, Italy
Argo Card. Sp. Z O.O. Gdansk, Poland
Argo Computers S.R.L. Treviso, Italy
Argon Internet Ltd. Budapest, Hungary
Argenton E Soci S.R.L. Genova, Italy
Aris Ridici Systemy S.R.O. Brno, Czech Republic
Arintha System Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia
Aries S.R.L. Padova, Italy
Arif Nagi Roma, Italy
Arifandre Rembang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia
Ariane Distrilogistique Mulhouse, France
Arinso France France
Aristoi S.R.L. Emilia, Italy
Aries Computer S.N.C. Di Ghetti Roberto E Volpicella Francesco Bari, Italy
Arisco Sp. Z O.O. Lodz, Poland
Ariadne S.R.L. Pavia, Italy
Aricad Bretonneux, France
Arku Plast Spritzguss Gmbh Mucke, Germany
Arkimede Di Alexander Paul Dijkema Arezzo, Italy
Arkys S.N.C. Di Le Coche G. E Rizzo P. Cosenza, Italy
Arkom Gdansk, Poland
Arp Informatica Di Parrella Raffaele E Mastropieri Michele S.N.C. Foggia, Italy
Arpsoft S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Array System S.R.L. Vicenza, Italy
Arrow Ecs Norge As Oslo, Norway
Ars (Administration Reseaux Systemes) Marseille, France
Ars Data Agne, France
Artera S.R.L. Como, Italy
Artwork Systems Villepinte, France
Artec Technologies Ag Diepholz, Germany
Artsecrets - Tecnologias De Informacao S.A. Matosinhos, Portugal
Artufficio S.A.S. Roma, Italy
Artplexiglass Ravenna, Italy
Artigo S.P.A. Milano, Italy
Artis Gesellschaft Fur Angewandte Messtechnik Mbh Bispingen, Germany
Artensys S.R.L. Napoli, Italy
Arti Plastics Ltd Venera, Malta
Artesys International Rennes, France
Arttech Production Toulouse, France
Artigianplastik Di Rendace Concetta & C. S.A.S. Cosenza, Italy
Arte Systemes Milles, France
Artweb Billancourt, France
Artech Srl Italy
Artkomyunikeishin(Artcommunications Ltd) Moscow, Russian Federation
Arve Informatique Industrielle Cluses, France
Aryon Solutions S.R.L. Roma, Italy
As Kontorkunnskap Kk 88 Ski, Norway
As Address Solutions Gmbh Stolberg, Germany
As Fjord-Data Forde, Norway
As Antonelli Software Pisa, Italy
As Buropartner Gmbh Software- Und Systemhaus Freiburg, Germany
As- Software - Gmbh Soest, Germany
As-Navigator Dubna, Russian Federation
As-Forest Llc Russian Federation
As/Patriarch Llc Moscow, Russian Federation
As2I Champlan, France
As3I Quentin, France
Asais Conseil Grand, France
Asanus Gmbh Medizintechnik Neuhausen, Germany
Asb Systemhaus Gmbh Erfurt, Germany
Asbis Bulgaria Eood Sofia, Bulgaria
Asbis-Baltik As Tallinn, Estonia
Asbisc-Cr D.O.O. Zagreb, Croatia
Ascom Gesellschaft Fur Systementwicklung Und Edv-Anwendung Mbh Munchen, Germany
Ascen Sp. Z O.O. Warszawa, Poland
Aschieri Gianfranco Cuneo, Italy
Ashling Microsystems Limited Limerick, Ireland
Asinfo Saint-Gervais, France
Asi S.R.L. Padova, Italy
Asi Automatik System Integration Gmbh Runkel, Germany
Ask Informatica Di Pietro Ballaera Palermo, Italy
Asmx France, France
Asolo Polimeri S.R.L. Treviso, Italy
Asoft Pro Sp. Z O.O. Krakow, Poland
Asolution Lyon, France
Asp Italia S.R.L. Brianza, Italy
Assitek S.R.L. Parma, Italy
Assistance Maintenance Informatique Bois, France
Assist Software Tipografiei, Romania
Assistenza Tecnica E Soluzioni S.R.L. In Breve A.T.S. S.R.L. Torino, Italy
Assit S.R.L. Brescia, Italy
Asseco Systems Sp Z O O Katowice, Poland
Assistance Conseil Informatique Professi Marsan, France
Assbenaz Di Emiliano Bonassi Brianza, Italy
Asso Informatica Cagliari, Italy
Assistance Informatique Et Gestion Quentin, France
Assistance Conseils Gestion Informatique Paris, France
Ass. Simplemachines Catania, Italy
Assistance Informatique Sarl Reignier, France
Assistance Technologique Et Logistique En Productique Atlp Massy, France
Assistance Logiciels Et Systemes Yvette, France
Astek Grand Ouest Gregoire, France
Astro International (Pvt) Ltd. Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan
Astra International Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan
Asten S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Astrea Servizi Srls Calabria, Italy
Astra 92 A.S. Zlin, Czech Republic
Astrum 2000 Kft. Szeged, Hungary
Astprod Ltd. Russian Federation
Aston Vertriebs Gmbh Oberhausen, Germany
Astro Datensysteme Aktiengesellschaft Moosinning, Germany
Astrahanskij-Konservnyj-Zavod- Russian Federation
Astrakhanrybprom Ltd. Russian Federation
Astrakhanskiy Rybniy Promysel Ltd. Russian Federation
Astera Moscow, Russian Federation
Aswi Informatica Di Liguori Vincenzo Avellino, Italy
Asys Ijd Spol. S R.O. Kolin, Czech Republic
At Soft S.R.L. Trento, Italy
At Mervin Di Venezia Marco Mario Agrigento, Italy
At Work S.R.L. Torino, Italy
At Work S.R.L. Venezia, Italy
At Scan Rennes, France
Atacama Software Gmbh Bremen, Germany
Atc S.A.S. Di Marchetti Luigi & C Ancona, Italy
Atena Informatica S.A.S. Torino, Italy
Ateikon S.R.L. Treviso, Italy
Ateliers De Lillers Lillers, France
Ateji Paris, France
Atena S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Atelco Computer Event Gmbh Mohnesee, Germany
Aten Infotech Houthalen, Belgium
Atec Global Systems Srl Romania
Atelca Dijon, France
Ates Informatica S.R.L. Pordenone, Italy
Atempo Ulis, France
Athesia Soluzioni Informatiche S.R.L. Verona, Italy
Athenagroup S.N.C. Mantova, Italy
Athena Distribution Rheu, France
Athale Informatique Thise, France
Athix S.R.L. Varese, Italy
Atlant Villeurbanne, France
Atlantia Societa' A Responsabilita' Limitata Semplificata Modena, Italy
Atlantec Enterprise Solutions Gmbh Hamburg, Germany
Atlantic Reseau Informatique Ferriere, France
Atlanticomp - Sistemas Informaticos Lda Lisboa, Portugal
Atlanteam Developpement Paris, France
Atm Computersysteme Gmbh Konstanz, Germany
Atminformatica 2 Solucoes E Sistemas S.A. Balio, Portugal
Atos Origin Bydgoszcz, Poland
Aton Gmbh Fur Planung Automatisierung Und Umwelttechnik Konigslutter, Germany
Aton S.P.A. Treviso, Italy
Atos Italia S.P.A. Roma, Italy
Atominform-A Research Center Of Management Economics And Information Angarsk, Russian Federation
Atonce Technologies Bordeaux, France
Atreid Mauguio, France
Ats S.R.L. Cagliari, Italy
Ats Service S.R.L. Vicenza, Italy
Ats Computer S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Attachmate Germany Gmbh Unterfohring, Germany
Aucon Deutschland Gmbh Gelnhausen, Germany
Audium - Electroacustica S.A. Lisboa, Portugal
Auditorsko-Konsultatsionnyi Tsentr Optimum-Ts Moscow, Russian Federation
Augusta Reeves Hr Paris, France
Auriga Vicenza, Italy
Aures Technologies Gmbh Furstenfeldbruck, Germany
Aurel S.P.A. Italy
Aura Computer Vincennes, France
Automatisierungstechnik Retzlaff E. Kfr. Goch, Germany
Automation Engineering S.R.L. Brianza, Italy
Auto Interactive B.V. Haarlem, Netherlands
Autodesk Gesellschaft Mbh Wels, Austria
Autori Multimediali Milano, Italy
Automatikea S.R.L. Torino, Italy
Automation W R Gmbh Oberbayern, Germany
Automate Micro Informatique Belfort, France
Auton Rijnsburg B.V. Rijnsburg, Netherlands
Autonomy France Sarl Paris, France
Auxima Service Di Massi Michele Ancona, Italy
Avanserte Grafiske Systemer As Horten, Norway
Avantage Automatisering B.V. Ijssel, Netherlands
Avangarde Consulting S.R.L. Pavia, Italy
Avara Aktiengesellschaft Fur Informations- Und Tv -Systeme Hamburg, Germany
Avanti Technologies Paris, France
Aver Media Technologies France Marne, France
Avertys Avertin, France
Avensus Nederland B.V. Almere, Netherlands
Avenir Info Seine, France
Avecom Paris, France
Avit Systems B.V. Nieuwegein, Netherlands
Avitos Gmbh Linden, Germany
Avino Peppe Napoli, Italy
Avira Gmbh Tettnang, Germany
Aviaekspodizain Moscow, Russian Federation
Aviakom Servis Moscow, Russian Federation
Avm Audiovisuelles Marketing Und Computersysteme Gmbh & Co. Softbase Kg Unterfranken, Germany
Avm Audiovisuelles Marketing Und Computer-Systeme Gmbh & Co. Softbase Kg Aschaffenburg, Germany
Avnet Emg Italy S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Avnet Technology Solutions Kft Budapest, Hungary
Avnet Emg France Palaiseau, France
Avranches Technique Bureau Informque Avranches, France
Avs Consulting Paris, France
Axcent S.R.L. Napoli, Italy
Axcom Informatique Paris, France
Axelink Paris, France
Axel Computer Sp Z O O Gdansk, Poland
Axelor Marne, France
Axilon Gmbh Boblingen, Germany
Axialis Sa Paris, France
Axis Provence, France
Axico Informatikai Kft Budapest, Hungary
Axio Consulting As Oslo, Norway
Axiohm France
Axit Ag Frankenthal, Germany
Axmapresse Escoublac, France
Axotec Technologies Gmbh Geretsried, Germany
Axus S.J. Warszawa, Poland
Axwi Aps Stenloese, Denmark
Axys Seine, France
Axygest Paris, France
Az Informatique Labege, France
Az Web Planet Di De Pratti Vincenzo L'Aquila, Italy
Az Elettronica S.R.L. Chieti, Italy
Az Trade S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Aze Gmbh Mittelfranken, Germany
Azimut Toscana S.R.L. Pisa, Italy
Azlan Gmbh Munchen, Germany
Azur Conseil Informatique (Aci) Angers, France

B & S Computer Gmbh Soft- Und Hardwarevertrieb Straelen, Germany
B & B Di Bubola Rita & C. S.A.S. Padova, Italy
B C Link S.P.A. Roma, Italy
B C D Consultants Paris, France
B J Almpanis S A Athens, Greece
B M P Civray, France
B&B Consulting Di Gianluca Bonfatti Modena, Italy
B&L Ocr Systeme Gmbh Eschborn, Germany
B&R Dv-Informationssysteme Gmbh Kandel, Germany
B+S Banksysteme Aktiengesellschaft Salzburg, Austria
B-Act Sp. Z O.O. Bydgoszcz, Poland
B-Eyes Paris, France
B-I- Group Nord Srl Padova, Italy
B. Schulze Beerhorst Gesellschaft Mit Beschrankter Haftung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
B.B.Plast S.R.L. Ravenna, Italy
B.Com Computer Ag Koln, Germany
B.C.E. S.R.L. Modena, Italy
B.D.G.El. S.R.L. Varese, Italy
B.D.G. Distribuzione Informatica Di Fiore Rosa Napoli, Italy
B.E. Concept Aytre, France
B.E.A.Informatique Sarl Ales, France
B.G.Soft Di Bogetti Giuseppe Cuneo, Italy
B.I.P.S. Besancon, France
B.O.S. Software Service Und Vertrieb Gmbh Haar, Germany
B.P.A. S.R.L. Brianza, Italy
B.T.Tecnoforniture Di Briscolini Davide & C. S.N.C. Pesaro Urbino, Italy
Baby Bidou Opio, France
Babtec Informationssysteme Gmbh Wuppertal, Germany
Babylone Vichy, France
Babylon Gmbh Munchen, Germany
Bacelor Di Bellia Barbara Catania, Italy
Bacom S.R.L. Avellino, Italy
Baglioni Gianni Grosseto, Italy
Bait Sp. Z O.O. Warszawa, Poland
Bait Belgorod, Russian Federation
Bailly Roland France
Bakelite Brest, France
Balboni Omero S.R.L. Ferrara, Italy
Balirny Unima - Mudr. Michal Trmal Chomutov, Czech Republic
Balder Programvare As Oslo, Norway
Baldrighi Angelo Milano, Italy
Baltic Amadeus Uab Uzdaroji Akcine Bendrove Vilnius, Lithuania
Baltech Zdzieszowice, Poland
Bamminger Kraftfahrzeuge Gesellschaft M.B.H. Sattledt, Austria
Bankenservice Kassel Gmbh Kassel, Germany
Bankernes Edb Central Roskilde, Denmark
Banking Production Center Private Joint Stock Company Moscow, Russian Federation
Barberi Stefano Rieti, Italy
Bartas.It Di Massimo Bertassi Pavia, Italy
Barcode Technology S.N.C. Genova, Italy
Bartoli Claudio Arezzo, Italy
Barge Daniele Di Barge Daniele E C. S.A.S. Torino, Italy
Bartels System Gmbh Oberbayern, Germany
Barad V.O.S. Kosmonosy, Czech Republic
Baron Luciano Vicenza, Italy
Baruffato Francesco Giuseppe Baruffato Francesco Giuseppe Vicenza, Italy
Barazzetta Ivano Milano, Italy
Bar Mokambo Loiudice Carlo Bari, Italy
Barbieri A. & C. S.N.C. Emilia, Italy
Baron Networks Ltd Mosta, Malta
Barilli Claudio Bologna, Italy
Bars Interneshnl Dmitrov, Russian Federation
Barbosa Fernandes & Melo Lda. Agueda, Portugal
Base3 S.R.L. Trento, Italy
Basis Audionet Gmbh Hamburg, Germany
Bassetti Grenoble, France
Basis Pfs A/S Denmark
Bas Distribution Mechelen, Belgium
Basic Groupe Poitiers, France
Base Sistemi S.R.L. Pavia, Italy
Bassi Leda Bologna, Italy
Basys Gesellschaft Fur Anwender Und Systemsoftware Mbh Mittelfranken, Germany
Batpro Valmer, France
Baumer Hhs S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Bausoftware Vertriebs Gmbh Hitzendorf, Austria
Bauknecht Softfolio. Crm Gmbh Schramberg, Germany
Bausch-Gall Gmbh Munchen, Germany
Bauer + Kirch Gmbh Monschau, Germany
Baumgarten France Victor, France
Baume Centre Plastique Chailles, France
Baucad Gmbh Cad Im Bauwesen Gesellschaft Mit Beschrankter Haftung Burstadt, Germany
Bb Computerteknikk As Lier, Norway
Bb Tech Group S.R.L. Bergamo, Italy
Bbl Datakompetanse As Oslo, Norway
Bc Logia A.S. Brno-Stred, Czech Republic
Bci-Gesellschaft Fur Identtechnik Und Datenkommunikation Mbh Isernhagen, Germany
Bcs Business Computer Solutions Gmbh Thyrnau, Germany
Bcs Bamberger Computersysteme Gmbh Weyhe, Germany
Bcs-Betriebswirtschaftliche Computer Systeme Gmbh Peine, Germany
Bct Technology Ag Willstatt, Germany
Bdo Yunikon Biznes Servis Moscow, Russian Federation
Be Online Di Maffi Gianluca Torino, Italy
Beauchamp Sa France
Bea Systems Gmbh Aschheim, Germany
Beas Gmbh Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
Bea Systems Gmbh Oberbayern, Germany
Bea Systems Sas Puteaux, France
Beautility S.R.L. Treviso, Italy
Beaune Dechets Service Beaune, France
Beantech S.R.L. Udine, Italy
Beatris Moscow, Russian Federation
Bebo Gmbh Raunheim, Germany
Beba-Mischtechnik Gmbh Essen, Germany
Bechtle Direct Molsheim, France
Becton Dickinson Italia S.P.A. Milano, Italy
Bechtle Direct Neerpelt, Belgium
Bechtle Gmbh & Co.Kg Rottenburg, Germany
Bedendo Elleno Latina, Italy
Beeapp S.R.L. Pisa, Italy
Begelec Idf Yvette, France
Beintoo S.P.A. Milano, Italy
Beltronic Gmbh Industrieelektronik Lottstetten, Germany
Belharra Bassussarry, France
Belltech Computer As Stavanger, Norway
Bello D.O.O. Dubrava, Croatia
Bellstream Sp. Z O.O. Szczecin, Poland
Bellex S. R. O. Brno-Jih, Czech Republic
Beltronic Industrial Technology Sarl Nes, France
Belco S.R.L. Varese, Italy
Belsoft Npp Zao Minsk, Belarus
Bentley Systems Cr S.R.O. Praha, Czech Republic
Benjamin Mangion Ltd Julians, Malta
Benegil Developpement Hagetmau, France
Bentley Systems Europe B.V. Hoofddorp, Netherlands
Benq Benelux B.V. Son, Netherlands
Beos Beratung & Software Gmbh Oberbayern, Germany
Berkut Ltd. Russian Federation
Berger Markus Bolzano, Italy
Bergen Itech As Bergen, Norway
Bergen Project Consult As Bergen, Norway
Bergen It Senter As Bones, Norway
Bernabo' Massimo Lucca, Italy
Beri Italia S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Berolina Schriftbild Gmbh Remseck, Germany
Bericoplast S.P.A. Vicenza, Italy
Bernasconi Mario Varese, Italy
Berenice International Group S.R.L. Padova, Italy
Berger Technology S.R.L. Bergamo, Italy
Berit A.S. Brno, Czech Republic
Bernard Bouchot Conseils Hayes, France
Berton S.R.L. Venezia, Italy
Bestech Water Jakarta Utara, Jakarta, Indonesia
Besafe S.R.L. Brescia, Italy
Bestcom Sp. Z O.O. Poznan, Poland
Bestmar M. Wargocki Wroclaw, Poland
Betasoft S.R.O. Praha, Czech Republic
Betfair Development Denmark A/S Denmark
Better S.R.L. Modena, Italy
Beta 80 Software E Sistemi S.P.A. Milano, Italy
Beta Soluzioni S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Beta Systems Software S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Better Pack Co. Ltd. Bangkok, Thailand
Bewotec Software Entwicklungs- Und Vertriebs- Gmbh Rosrath, Germany
Bfc Informatique Paris, France
Bfly S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Bg Sistemi Informatici Di Bulliri Giorgio Campidano, Italy
Bg Partners Bruges, France
Bg Info Metz, France
Bga Group Gmbh Freiburg, Germany
Bh Consulting France Nancy, France
Bi Control Gmbh Edv-Beratung Waldems, Germany
Bi Elle S.R.L. Torino, Italy
Bicon As Oslo, Norway
Biesse Telecom S.R.L. Genova, Italy
Bielle S.R.L. Ravenna, Italy
Big Youth Paris, France
Big-Kompyuters Moscow, Russian Federation
Biip.No As Oslo, Norway
Billjobs Paris, France
Bild Digital Gmbh & Co. Kg Berlin, Germany
Bildersoft-Servis Moscow, Russian Federation
Bimal S.R.L. Forli Cesena, Italy
Binnenhuisinrichting Lefever Poperinge, Belgium
Binda Informatica S.A.S. Como, Italy
Bios - Basistechnologien Infrastrukturen Optim. Losungen Systemhaus Gmbh Norderstedt, Germany
Bios Soluzioni Informatiche Di Borzi' Venerando Catania, Italy
Bioseven Online Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Biochem Immonosystems Italia Spa Italy
Bip Group S.A.S. Di Carrieri Claudio & C. Alessandria, Italy
Biro Data Servis D.O.O. Zagreb-Dubrava, Croatia
Bissantz & Company Beteiligungsgesellschaft Mbh Nurnberg, Germany
Bitdesign Soluzioni Web Cremona, Italy
Bits & Bytes Edvplanungs Vertriebs Und Schulungs Gmbh Niederbayern, Germany
Bitcontrol S.R.L. Catania, Italy
Bits & Bytes Service Und Lernen Gmbh Berlin, Germany
Bitland Di Oscar Di Modugno E C. Sas Milano, Italy
Bitlevel S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Bit Com. Sp. Z O.O. Zyrardow, Poland
Bit Software House S.R.L. Vicenza, Italy
Bit Buro- Und Informationssysteme Thuringen Gmbh Thueringen, Germany
Bit & Byte Di Marco Ricci Assistenza E Vendita Computer Chieti, Italy
Biteam S.R.L. Brescia, Italy
Biuro Uslug Informatycznych Infotech (Infotech) Krakow, Poland
Bivio Networks Europa Limited S.R.L. Brianza, Italy
Biznes Kompyuter Tsentr-Yug Krasnodar, Russian Federation
Bizlink Ecully, France
Bj Informatique Villeurbanne, France
Bjf Trading Reims, France
Bkon S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Black Box Norge As Bergen, Norway
Blaine Solves Italy
Blackn Sheep Studio Paris, France
Blekksprut As Oslo, Norway
Blitz Internet Service Gmbh & Co. Kg Oberfranken, Germany
Blitz Micro S.R.L. Treviso, Italy
Blister Work S.R.L. Bologna, Italy
Bloise Mario Roma, Italy
Blp Software Gmbh Rudersberg, Germany
Blu Crm S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Blu Software S.R.L. Treviso, Italy
Blu 3 S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Blue Box Services Srl Milano, Italy
Bluweb S.R.L. Padova, Italy
Blue Seals S.N.C. Di Massimo Saguatti & C. Modena, Italy
Blue Order Solutions Ag Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
Blue Acacia Paris, France
Blu - Plast S.R.L. Salerno, Italy
Blue Fox Bucuresti, Romania
Blue Screen Di Broglio Guido Pisa, Italy
Blue Shape S.R.L. Verona, Italy
Blue Order Ventures Gmbh Kaiserslautern, Germany
Blue Wave S.R.O. Praha, Czech Republic
Blulink S.R.L. Emilia, Italy
Bluenet P. Marlicki M. Michalski S.J. Lodz, Poland
Blu Soft S.R.L. Enna, Italy
Blue Team Computers S.R.L. Livorno, Italy
Blue Media Sp. Z O.O. Sopot, Poland
Bmb S.A.S. Di Battisti B. M. & Romani Romano Roma, Italy
Bmc Software Europe Dublin, Ireland
Bmc Software Sas France
Bmc Software Gmbh Frankfurt, Germany
Bmc-Bulhosa & Mendes-Computadores Lda. Porto, Portugal
Bmc Software A/S Ballerup, Denmark
Bmg Gesellschaft Fur Unternehmensberatung Mbh Gottingen, Germany
Bmj Services Yerres, France
Bms Systems It Solutions Gmbh Obertshausen, Germany
Bms Creative S.J. (Bms Creative S.J.) Liszki, Poland
Bms Software S.R.L. Alessandria, Italy
Bn Network Di Nanni Stefano Firenze, Italy
Bns Gmbh Dusseldorf, Germany
Board Deutschland Gmbh Homburg, Germany
Boc Computersysteme Gmbh Fulda, Germany
Bog It Solutions Gmbh Bremen, Germany
Bohme & Weihs Systemtechnik Gmbh & Co. Kg Sprockhovel, Germany
Boks 84 As Fredrikstad, Norway
Bolte Gmbh Paderborn, Germany
Bonzi Palma Aurora Brescia, Italy
Bonlex Europe S.R.L. Treviso, Italy
Bonfanti S.A.S. Di Bonfanti Angelo & C. Varese, Italy
Bonaddio Michelangelo Catanzaro, Italy
Boole Sarl Marne, France
Bor.Vi.Ca. - Officina Meccanica S.R.L. Brescia, Italy
Borm-Informatik Gmbh Ostfildern, Germany
Borgonovo S.R.L. Brianza, Italy
Border Soluzioni E Servizi Roma, Italy
Borsa Industrie Plastiche Srl Italy
Borgetto Marseille, France
Bosip Biuro Oprogramowania Poznan, Poland
Boscaino Giuliano Napoli, Italy
Bosetti Pietro Brescia, Italy
Bosch Access Systems Gmbh Wurselen, Germany
Bottos Associati Di Bottos Giorgio E Barugola Simo S.N.C. Vercelli, Italy
Boutet Manosque, France
Bowe Systec Ag Schwaben, Germany
Bps Busines Power Systems Hungary Kft Budapest, Hungary
Br Net S.N.C. Di Benati & Ricci Ravenna, Italy
Brainer S.R.L. Torino, Italy
Brainstorming Ans, Belgium
Brand Id S.R.L. Napoli, Italy
Brain Electric S.R.L. Emilia, Italy
Bramaplast S.R.L. Lecco, Italy
Brain Force S.P.A. Milano, Italy
Brainloop Ag Oberbayern, Germany
Brawo S.C. Beata Halaczkiswicz Agnieszka Skalska Trybunalski, Poland
Bravis S.N.C. Macerata, Italy
Brainstorm Modena, Italy
Brainchild Gmbh Niederbayern, Germany
Braathens It Solutions As Lysaker, Norway
Brain Force Veenendaal, Netherlands
Brainworks Computer-Technologie Gmbh Munchen, Germany
Brain Forming Srl Torino, Italy
Bragd As Alesund, Norway
Bredex Software Entwicklungs- Und Beratungs- Gmbh Braunschweig, Germany
Brescia Informatica S.R.L. Brescia, Italy
Brenta Pcm S.P.A. Vicenza, Italy
Breton Spa - Marble Granite Stone Processing Plants Metal Working Cnc Machining Centres Castello Di Godego - Treviso, Treviso, Italy
Breitenbach Software-Engineering Gmbh Mohnesee, Germany
Brizza Milano, Italy
Bridging Company B.V. Hilversum, Netherlands
Brillpoint S.R.L. Brescia, Italy
Brinck Elektronik & Handel Aps Birkerod, Denmark
Brio Zrf Sia Riga, Latvia
Bridge Engineering Casablanca, Morocco
Bridgnet Di Milan Marco Biella, Italy
Bridge Technologies S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Brn S.R.L. Udine, Italy
Broking-Plastex Gesellschaft Fur Kunststoffverarbeitung Mbh & Co. Kg Griesheim, Germany
Broker Focus Ltd Laoghaire, Ireland
Broadvision Deutschland Gmbh Unterfohring, Germany
Broadcast Solutions S.R.L. L'Aquila, Italy
Brokers Associes Bievres, France
Brother Italia S.P.A. Roma, Italy
Bruzia Informatica S.A.S. Di Filice Paola C. Cosenza, Italy
Bruno Domenico E Figli S.R.L. Catania, Italy
Bscd Business Solutions Consulting And Development Gmbh Bruhl, Germany
Bsi-Cs Spol. S R.O. Labem, Czech Republic
Bss Business Solutions For Services Gmbh Kassel, Germany
Bsv Electronic Publishing Levallois-Perret, France
Bsw Belt & Machine Co. Ltd. Nonthaburi, Thailand
Bt Lec Ouest Montluc, France
Btek Di Serra Fabrizio Asti, Italy
Bth Muanyagfeldolgozo Kft Vadna, Hungary
Btr Services Boom, Belgium
Bts Consult Braine-L'Alleud, Belgium
Buck Engineering Gmbh Weingarten, Germany
Buchon South Korea
Bude Innovative Solutions B.V. Maastricht, Netherlands
Buffadini Nicola Forli Cesena, Italy
Buffoli Pietro & C. S.R.L. Brescia, Italy
Buggiani Informatica S.R.L. Verona, Italy
Buhl Replication Service Gmbh Neunkirchen, Germany
Builddesk Osterreich Gmbh Linz, Austria
Bulleri Stefano Pistoia, Italy
Bulmark S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Bull Gmbh Koln, Germany
Bull Romania S.R.L. Romania
Bull Polska Sp. Z O.O. Warszawa, Poland
Burklin Ohg Munchen, Germany
Bursa Masak Jakarta Barat, Jakarta, Indonesia
Burotechnik Neininger Gmbh Donaueschingen, Germany
Burinskoye Open-Joint Stock Company Russian Federation
Bureau Informatique Mayennais Mayenne, France
Bureautique Informatique Systeme Maint Gradignan, France
Bureau Van Dijk Electronic Publishing Gmbh Frankfurt, Germany
Bureautique Consommables Services Bcs Grenoble, France
Bureautique Repro Yonne, France
Bureautique Short Rental Chaville, France
Buryatmyasprom-Ltd Buryatia, Russian Federation
Buro Transit Ulis, France
Businet S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Business & Decision Conseil Paris, France
Business Systemhaus Gesellschaft Fur Organisation Und Datenverarbeitung Mbh Isernhagen, Germany
Business Objects Deutschland Gmbh Munchen, Germany
Business Sce Cons Res Inf Prot Telecom Paris, France
Businessline Paris, France
Business Solutions Francois, France
Business Design Consulting Billancourt, France
Businessmann A/S Hoersholm, Denmark
Business Equipement Cabestany, France
Business Partners France
Bus As Sandvika, Norway
Busoft Ood Burgas, Bulgaria
Busso S.-Gallo R. & C. Torino, Italy
Business Computer Center - South Private Joint Stock Company Krasnodar, Russian Federation
Business & Decision Paris, France
Busse Digitaltechnik Gmbh Engen, Germany
Butec-Gesellschaft Mit Beschrankter Haftung Burotechnik Und Handel Buchholz, Germany
Butema Daten-Elektronik Gmbh Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany
Buypass As Oslo, Norway
Bv Risk Solutions Gmbh Koln, Germany
Bva Myfra Montrouge, France
Bwise B.V. Rosmalen, Netherlands
Byte Software House S.P.A. Torino, Italy
Bz.Com Marseille, France

C & C. Net S.A.S. Di Cavalieri Piero E C. Viterbo, Italy
C & P S.R.L. Torino, Italy
C & S Metal Products Co. Ltd. Taiwan
C + L Industrietechnik Gmbh Stein, Germany
C I Gestion Ouen, France
C L G Computerdienst Fur Landwirtschaft Und Gewerbe Gmbh Pfarrkirchen, Germany
C S I S.R.L. Caserta, Italy
C V . Sinar Gajah Perkasa Semarang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia
C-Map Poland Gdansk, Poland
C-Stream B.V. Sittard, Netherlands
C.A.P.P. S.R.L. Milano, Italy
C.A. S.R.L. Milano, Italy
C.A.T. Automatisering B.V. Sint-Oedenrode, Netherlands
C.B.M. Srl Italy
C.B.L. Computersysteme Und Branchenlosungen Gmbh Urmitz, Germany
C.B.M. S.R.L. Milano, Italy
C.Computer Rouen, France
C.D.S. S.R.L. Vercelli, Italy
C.D.S. Informatica S.R.L. Roma, Italy
C.D.S. System S.R.L. Vicenza, Italy
C.E.D.A.S. S.R.L. Roma, Italy
C.E.R.B. S.R.L. Bologna, Italy
C.E.D.E.P.P. S.R.L. Parma, Italy
C.E. S.R.L. Milano, Italy
C.E.A. Elettronica (S.N.C.) Trento, Italy
C.E.M. Elettronica S.R.L. Venezia, Italy
C.H.C. Di Catania Giovanni Catania, Italy
C.H.P. S.R.L. Palermo, Italy
C.H.S. Costruzioni Hardware E Software Di Cappellotto Mario Treviso, Italy
C.I.L.S. - Consorzio Per L'Innovazione - La Logistica Ed I Servizi Roma, Italy
C.I.S. One Parma, Italy
C.I.S. Informatica S.R.L. Catanzaro, Italy
C.I.C. Torino, Italy
C.I.P.S. Di Fornaciai Gabriele E C. S.A.S. Firenze, Italy
C.I.B Srl E.U. Conservatori Industriali Brevettati Italy
C.I.S. Di Cavalieri Isabella & C. S.A.S. Firenze, Italy
C.M.Unyservice Di Cerliani Massimo Brianza, Italy
C.N.S.Computer Network Services ( S.R.L. ) Venezia, Italy
C.P. Informatica S.R.L. Bologna, Italy
C.P.O. Imperia, Italy
C.R.L. Di Cerruti Rigozzo Leonardo E C S.N.C. Biella, Italy
C.S. Elettronica S.R.L. Ravenna, Italy
C.S.I. Di Zuccarini Gabriele Chieti, Italy
C.S. Informatica S.R.L. Napoli, Italy
C.S.P.S. S.R.L. Bologna, Italy
C.T. Sistemi S.R.L. Lecco, Italy
C.T.R.E. S.A.S. Di De Marco Riccardo E C. Napoli, Italy
C.V. Sistemi S.N.C. Di Caprioli Massimo E Maggio Vincenzo Lecce, Italy
C2Is Lyon, France
Ca Software Osterreich Gmbh Wien, Austria
Ca Synergie Developpement Egreve, France
Ca Inc. Sucursal Em Portugal Alges, Portugal
Ca Software A/S Ballerup, Denmark
Cabel Pistoia, Italy
Cabot Italiana S.P.A. Italy
Cabell (S.R.L.) Italy
Cabot Financial (Ireland) Limited Dublin, Ireland
Cabe S.R.L. Bologna, Italy
Cabinet Logisud Terssac, France
Caber Informatica S.R.L. Emilia, Italy
Cabel Holding S.P.A. Firenze, Italy
Cabus Business Solutions Gmbh Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Cad Studio Hamburg Maempel Gmbh Hamburg, Germany
Cadpartner Gmbh Oberpfalz, Germany
Cadtec Srl Societa' Unipersonale Italy
Cad-Profi Sp. Z O.O. Radom, Poland
Cad Service Aalst, Belgium
Cad & Company Projects B.V. Amsterdam, Netherlands
Cad-Projekt S.C. A. Setman P. Zdrojewski J. Metellein Warszawa, Poland
Cadence Design Systems S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Cad - Praxis Gmbh Julich, Germany
Cadcenter B.V. Bergambacht, Netherlands
Cadenas France Chalaronne, France
Cad Academy S.R.L. Novara, Italy
Cad2M B.V. Doetinchem, Netherlands
Cadtech Rabat, Morocco
Cae Consult Scandinavia As Skien, Norway
Caen Qs S.R.L. Torino, Italy
Cae Elektronik Gmbh Stolberg, Germany
Cafca Service Honorine, France
Cafagno Angelantonio Consulente Itc Bari, Italy
Cafo Finnskog As Finnskog, Norway
Cagicomp - Manutencao E Servicos De Informatica Unipessoal Lda Lisboa, Portugal
Cairo-Soft Pracownia Zastosowan Informatyki Olsztyn, Poland
Cal Computer-Anlagen-Leasing Gmbh Ostfildern, Germany
Calcina Assistance Di Ena Domenico Olbia Tempio, Italy
Calonna Informatique Loire, France
Calixia Mer, France
Cala Computer Technologien Gmbh Unterfranken, Germany
Camo Software As Oslo, Norway
Camo Spol.S R.O. Slavicin, Czech Republic
Camoni Andrea Macerata, Italy
Camaix - Sudwest - Gmbh Neckartenzlingen, Germany
Cam Systems Gmbh Oberbayern, Germany
Cama Torino, Italy
Cancom Computersysteme Gmbh Grambach, Austria
Canfor Handelsges.Mbh Koln, Germany
Cantoriel Herblain, France
Canon Norge As Oslo, Norway
Cantoro Giovanni Bari, Italy
Canon Solutions Italia Nord S.R.L. Treviso, Italy
Canepa Savona, Italy
Canconnect Gmbh Erkrath, Germany
Cancom Deutschland Gmbh Jettingen-Scheppach, Germany
Cao-Emplois Paris, France
Captiva Software Nanterre, France
Caputo Luigi Torino, Italy
Cappa S.R.L. Pordenone, Italy
Cappiello Michela Elektronic Market Pordenone, Italy
Capgemini Danmark A/S Gentofte, Denmark
Capovilla Pietro Vicenza, Italy
Capra 71 S.R.O. Praha, Czech Republic
Capteo Paris, France
Cap Informatique Reims, France
Capital Components Seine, France
Capset Etienne, France
Caq Ag Factory Systems Rheinbollen, Germany
Carbonx S.N.C. Di Sbordoni Carlo E Chiumento Diego Vicenza, Italy
Cardis Car Dealer Information Systems Gmbh & Co. Kg Murnau, Germany
Caravan Moscow, Russian Federation
Caradonna Antonio Foggia, Italy
Carwise Information Services B.V. Almere, Netherlands
Card Services B.V. Amersfoort, Netherlands
Cartft.Com E.K. Hohenstein, Germany
Carthago Puteaux, France
Cardtech As Oslo, Norway
Carte Et Services Angers, France
Carpanese Di Carpanese Claudio E C. S.N.C. Spezia, Italy
Carnevali Fausto Mantova, Italy
Carlini Maurizio Terni, Italy
Cash And Go Di Marco Colombo E C Varese, Italy
Cassina Sas Di Gianni Cassina & C. Brianza, Italy
Casti Imaging S R L S.R.L. Venezia, Italy
Cascinanet S.R.L. Pisa, Italy
Castoldi S.R.L. Brianza, Italy
Castalia S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Castelcrom S.R.L. Bergamo, Italy
Cat Production Gmbh Munchen, Germany
Catena As Oslo, Norway
Cateno As Oslo, Norway
Catalcad Ouest Diffusion Vannes, France
Catania Gomme S.N.C. Napoli, Italy
Cateno Gmbh & Co Kg Furth, Germany
Cattelan Fausto Mantova, Italy
Cavani Claudio Modena, Italy
Cb Informatique Montreuil, France
Cbl Recuperation De Donnees Paris, France
Cbl Electronics S.R.L. Perugia, Italy
Cbt Electronics B.V. Terneuzen, Netherlands
Ccp Software Gmbh Marburg, Germany
Ccp Systems Aktiengesellschaft Stuttgart, Germany
Ccv-Allcash Gmbh Moers, Germany
Cd Computer Sarl Amiens, France
Cd Solution Verona, Italy
Cd Technologies Veltem, Belgium
Cd-R Copy Service Berchem, Belgium
Cdb Glacerie, France
Cde - Communications-Data-Engineering Gmbh Georgen Gusen, Austria
Cdv Software Entertainment Ag Main, Germany
Cea S.R.L. Bologna, Italy
Ceap Di Claudio Cheche Bergamo, Italy
Cebo Paris, France
Ceb Di Bergoglio R. Torino, Italy
Cedimension Italia S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Cedi Informatica S.R.L. Latina, Italy
Cedi Soft S.R.L. Latina, Italy
Cedion Gmbh Troisdorf, Germany
Cedri Ufficio S.A.S. Di Maurizio Cedri & C. Roma, Italy
Cefala' Ettore Milano, Italy
Cegedim Belgium Drogenbos, Belgium
Cegedim Poland Sp Z O O Warszawa, Poland
Celloplast Gd S.R.L. Italy
Celani Antonio & C. ( S.A.S. ) Piceno, Italy
Celtidata Cholet, France
Cely Informatique Arles, France
Celte S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Centro Sevizi Telematici Di Butrico Daniele Salerno, Italy
Centrum Technik Sieciowych Sp. Z O.O. Warszawa, Poland
Centro Servizi Informatici Di Capula Franco Orlando Sassari, Italy
Centre Competence Informatique Telematique Audincourt, France
Centrum Teleinformatyczne Clik S.C. (Clik S.C.) Ostrzeszow, Poland
Centre Informatique Analyse Et Gestion Rethel, France
Centro Sistemi S.R.L. Lucca, Italy
Cenosys Mans, France
Centile Biot, France
Centric It Solutions B.V. Gouda, Netherlands
Centro Ufficio S.R.L. Firenze, Italy
Centernet Sa Torun, Poland
Central International Company Cergy, France
Centrum Informatyki Sp. Z O.O. Tychy, Poland
Centro Elettronico Corbetta G. & C. S.N.C. Varese, Italy
Centro Componenti Tv S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Centro Per L'Ufficio S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Central Cool Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Centrosistemi S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Century Computerdatenverarbeitung Gmbh Oberbayern, Germany
Centre General De Maintenance Granes, France
Centre Plastique S.A. Gien, France
Central Point Insurance It-Solutions Gmbh Wien, Austria
Center Group Caserta, Italy
Censio Paris, France
Centro Elaborazione Dati Di Padovano Giovanni Salerno, Italy
Certess Moirans, France
Cervoni Conseil Aignan, France
Cernigom - Group S.R.L. Bergamo, Italy
Cerchiari Danilo Modena, Italy
Cerplast S.R.L. Modena, Italy
Cerealog Rochelle, France
Cereresoftware S.R.L. Emilia, Italy
Certhidea S.R.L. Emilia, Italy
Cerioni S.R.L. Ancona, Italy
Cervellati S.R.L. Bologna, Italy
Cervocom Pariset, France
Cesena Net S.R.L. Forli Cesena, Italy
Cesaweb S.P.A. Napoli, Italy
Cesoft Softwareentwicklung Gmbh Bielefeld, Germany
Cfc Informatique Monflanquin, France
Cfi Systemy Informatyczne Sp. Z O.O. Krakow, Poland
Cg Soluzioni Informatiche Di Mauro Bettuzzi & Ivo Pecile S.A.S. Udine, Italy
Cgs Informatica Di Antonio Napolitano Napoli, Italy
Cgs Mbh Niedersachsen, Germany
Chamber Of Commerce And Industry (Cci) Of The Orenburg Region Russian Federation
Challenge Informatique Sud Marseille, France
Charrettes Et Concours Assistes Par Ordinateur Reims, France
Charlie 44 Nantes, France
Charier Bretagne, France
Chameleon Solutions B.V. Amersfoort, Netherlands
Chemogas Grimbergen, Belgium
Cherkizovo-Group Russian Federation
Chip Office Automation S.R.L. Bologna, Italy
Chiabo' Carlo Roma, Italy
Chipsoft B.V. Amsterdam, Netherlands
Chip & Byte Datentechnik Gesellschaft M.B.H. Salzburg, Austria
Chipcon Systems Gmbh Oberbayern, Germany
Chipset Di Negro Gianluca Bari, Italy
Chip Informatique Chaumont, France
China Bangla Engineers & Consultants Ltd. Bangladesh
Chordiant Software International Sarl Malmaison, France
Chr Assistance Paris, France
Chronos S.R.L. Bologna, Italy
Ciaramella Raffaele Caserta, Italy
Cib Services Seine, France
Cibox Inter@Ctive Ivry-Sur-Seine, France
Cicala Gabriele Cosenza, Italy
Cidiemme Informatica S.R.L. Verona, Italy
Cidexport Chateaufort, France
Cie Industrielle Tranformat Caoutchouc Plaine, France
Cie Inform Recherc Conseil Envir Multi Egly, France
Cienne Solutions S.R.L. Lucca, Italy
Ciemme Informatica Di Colaianni Massimo Lecce, Italy
Cie Francaise De Retraitement Caoutchouc Plaine, France
Cilek Germany Gmbh Koln, Germany
Cilli Ugo Pescara, Italy
Cimtech S.R.L. Udine, Italy
Cimma Ing. Morandotti & C. Srl Milan, Milan, Italy
Cimer Lyon, France
Cinetics Di Nicotera Carmelo Cosenza, Italy
Cinetix S.R.L. Padova, Italy
Cinexagone Paris, France
Cioncolini Stefano Arezzo, Italy
Cipatex Impregnaddora De Papeis E Tecidos Ltda Brazil
Cirrus Maria I Jaroslaw Pioro Tczew, Poland
Cirquent Gmbh Oberbayern, Germany
Cirafici Pasquale Palermo, Italy
Circle Software Group B.V. Sittard, Netherlands
Cismag Martigues, France
Cisco Linksys Kiss Aps Hoersholm, Denmark
Citrix Systems Netherlands B.V. Netherlands
Citiemme Informatica S.R.L. Bergamo, Italy
Cit Leasing (Germany) Gmbh Frankfurt, Germany
Citrix Systemes France Courbevoie, France
Citel Group S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Citi Soft Paris, France
City Computer Contor Gmbh Schwaben, Germany
Cjsc-Steklozavody Russian Federation
Cjsc Ekarma - Sakhalin Sakhalin, Russian Federation
Cjsc Particular Design Office Ritm (Cjsc Okb Ritm ) Rostov, Russian Federation
Cjsc Sakhalin Leasing Fleet Sakhalin, Russian Federation
Classe56 S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Clanet - Klaudiusz Gatys Slaskie, Poland
Cleonet Echirolles, France
Clearswift Gmbh Hamburg, Germany
Clever S.R.L. Bologna, Italy
Clear2Pay Nederland B.V. Zuidoost, Netherlands
Client Serveur Equipement Jambville, France
Clickt-It B.V. Hedel, Netherlands
Click Di Sincini Vincenzo Macerata, Italy
Click & Pc S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Click! Idea S.N.C. Di Bragalini Tatiana E C Udine, Italy
Clix Software Sp. Z O.O. Warszawa, Poland
Client S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Cloudsystems Srls Emilia, Italy
Clover Informatica S.N.C. Milano, Italy
Cloos Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
Cls Chesnay, France
Cluae S.R.L. Cuneo, Italy
Clyco S.R.L. Udine, Italy
Cma Contiki As Oslo, Norway
Cmc-Societa' Consortile Per Azioni Roma, Italy
Cms S.R.O. Boleslav, Czech Republic
Cmv Group S.R.L. Cuneo, Italy
Cn-Systems Computer Und Netzwerke E.K. Achern, Germany
Cncr Group Wissous, France
Cns Solutions Sp. Z O.O. Warszawa, Poland
Cnw Rendszerintegracios Rt Budapest, Hungary
Co - Gi - Pla S.R.L. Varese, Italy
Co.R.El. Italiana S.R.L. Udine, Italy
Cocreate Software Gmbh & Co. Kg Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
Cocosoft B.V. Venray, Netherlands
Cocco Massimiliano Oristano, Italy
Coconet Computer- Communication- Networks Gmbh Erkrath, Germany
Code In Progress Lecce, Italy
Codi Calcolatori S.R.L. Pistoia, Italy
Codat Roeschwoog, France
Codec Ltd Dublin, Ireland
Codice Web S.A.S. Di Martina Roberto E C. Padova, Italy
Codencode Di Giancola Carmelo & C. S.N.C. Isernia, Italy
Codema Di De Martinis Rosa Maria Taranto, Italy
Cofib 21 Informatique Plaine, France
Cogisoft Systemy Komputerowe Krakow, Poland
Cognitas Gesellschaft Fur Technik-Dokumentation Mbh Ottobrunn, Germany
Cognos France Sa Puteaux, France
Cogito Gesellschaft Fur Informations- Und Lernsysteme Mbh Lonsheim, Germany
Coggiola S.R.L. Torino, Italy
Coheris Rhone-Alpes Lyon, France
Coincidentia Di Li Bergoli Pasquale Foggia, Italy
Colormy Ag Koln, Germany
Colorcopia Udine, Italy
Colombo Lucia Milano, Italy
Colturi Flavio Sondrio, Italy
Color Polymer S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Col Sistem S.R.L. Varese, Italy
Cold Storage Indonesia Jakarta Barat, Jakarta, Indonesia
Collacchioni Fabio Roma, Italy
Colorgate Digital Output Solutions Gmbh Hannover, Germany
Colombo & Colzani Snc Brianza, Italy
Compdata Computer Gmbh Albstadt, Germany
Comer S.P.A. Genova, Italy
Comfuture Gmbh Dresden, Germany
Comberg S.R.O. Praha, Czech Republic
Computer & Competence Beratungs- Und Vertriebsgesellschaft Mbh Hamburg, Germany
Computer Laser Center Nord Gmbh Hamburg, Germany
Comes Spol. S R.O. Praha, Czech Republic
Combridge Ag Hannover, Germany
Computer Assistence Di Marco Bertucci Spezia, Italy
Computermania S.A.S. Di Lazzoni Mauro Spezia, Italy
Computek Software S.R.L. Verona, Italy
Computer Gross Italia S.P.A. Verona, Italy
Computer System Di Vanzini Daniele & C. S.N.C. Verona, Italy
Computer Factory Di Santangelo Francesco Catania, Italy
Commercial Data Servers As Oslo, Norway
Component Software Norge As Oslo, Norway
Compuware Nordic As Oslo, Norway
Computer Graphics Di Saccullo Salvatore Catania, Italy
Comdata Gesellschaft Fur Burosysteme Mbh Hannover, Germany
Compass Multimedia S.R.L. Terni, Italy
Compex - Systemhaus Gmbh Heidelberg, Germany
Comfort-Netshare Kft Budapest, Hungary
Computeria Szamitastechnikai Szakuzlet Es Szerviz Nagykanizsa, Hungary
Computerhaus Msw Gmbh Dusseldorf, Germany
Computron S.R.O. Praha, Czech Republic
Com-Up France
Computek S.P.A. Milano, Italy
Computer Resources System S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Computer Studio Di Sirtoli Gerardo E C. ( S.A.S. ) Milano, Italy
Computerwide Products & Services S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Compiulogica S.A.S. Di Valerio Massimiliano & C. Vicenza, Italy
Comex Joint Venture Sp. Z O.O. Gdansk, Poland
Compan Gdynia, Poland
Computer House S.N.C. Di Comberlato Leonida & C. Vicenza, Italy
Computer Stamm Gmbh Recklinghausen, Germany
Compas Rungis, France
Comebak Valenton, France
Comarch Software Ag Lille, France
Computech D.O.O. Zagreb, Croatia
Compact Bohemia S.R.O. Klatovy, Czech Republic
Computex W. Bertram E.K. Jesteburg, Germany
Computer Home Etoile, Luxembourg
Computime Limited Birkirkara, Malta
Comdata Gmbh Computer Und Computerzubehor Vertriebsges. Mbh Munchen, Germany
Comparex Ag Munchen, Germany
Command Ag Ettlingen, Germany
Computer Checkpoint Nv Destelbergen, Belgium
Communication System Casablanca, Morocco
Comitech Orly, France
Computer Control Solutions Limited Rathcoole, Ireland
Compus Sp. Z O.O. Pulawy, Poland
Compusol Di P.I. Mitterer-Zublasing Dietmar Bolzano, Italy
Complastex S.P.A. Lucca, Italy
Compupac Computer Store Sligo, Ireland
Compagnie D'Etudes Et Plastiques Durolle, France
Comtrade Handelsges.M.B.H. Seekirchen, Austria
Computer Line Torino, Italy
Components Devices Electronics Ouen, France
Computer Solutions S.P.A. Crotone, Italy
Computer Centrum Gelderland B.V. Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Comline Computer Softwarelosungen Ag Schwaben, Germany
Computer Team S.R.L. Alessandria, Italy
Computershare Hv-Services Ag Schwabhausen, Germany
Computer-Beratungs-Gesellschaft Mbh Schwerin, Germany
Computer Packages Europe B.V. Breda, Netherlands
Computer Solutions Logistics B.V. Breda, Netherlands
Comtechdds B.V. Culemborg, Netherlands
Comel Soft Eood Sofia, Bulgaria
Computer's Technology (S.R.L.) Italy
Compudac Automatisering B.V. Doetinchem, Netherlands
Combinatiebouw Voor Industrid‹Le Elektrotechniek B.V. Eersel, Netherlands
Commit-It B.V. Giessendam, Netherlands
Comsol Ag Commercial Solutions Frechen, Germany
Compudata Informationstechnik Gmbh Sprockhovel, Germany
Compuplast International A.S. Zlin, Czech Republic
Compatible Large Systems Pape, France
Computer Group Pakt S.J. Warszawa, Poland
Computer 2000 Bulgaria Eood Sofia, Bulgaria
Comparex Austria Gmbh Wien, Austria
Comdex Engineering S.R.O. Brno, Czech Republic
Computergestutzte Anwendungsentwicklung Und Technologie-Beratungs-Gmbh Stuttgart, Germany
Comparex France S.A.S. France
Complus Automation Gmbh Brandenburg, Germany
Computer Assisted Arts Association Zwijnaarde, Belgium
Complast S.R.L. Treviso, Italy
Comwir A/S Broendby, Denmark
Compagnie Nationale Des Machines De Bureau Paris, France
Computer+Communikation Gmbh Liebenwerda, Germany
Computech S.R.L. Fermo, Italy
Complex Systems Paris, France
Comprendium Leasing (Deutschland) Gmbh Unterfohring, Germany
Compagnie De Gestion Et De Services Toulouse, France
Computo S.R.L. Ferrara, Italy
Comel D.O.O. Karlovac, Croatia
Compram Systeemhuis B.V. Son, Netherlands
Compumania S.P.A. Padova, Italy
Comparex Italia S.R.L. Italy
Computerwork Gmbh Guben, Germany
Computer Servicepeter Hartmann Unterfranken, Germany
Computer Point Di Zanolla I. - Orlandin G. E C. S S.N.C. Belluno, Italy
Compatec It Solutions Gmbh Ludwigsburg, Germany
Com Et Com Robinson, France
Complex E-Techniek B.V. Waddinxveen, Netherlands
Commscope Italy S.R.L. Brianza, Italy
Combined Computer Services C.C.S. B.V. Woerden, Netherlands
Comm.It S.R.L. Firenze, Italy
Compel Distribuzione S.R.L. Brianza, Italy
Compel Electronics S.P.A. Brianza, Italy
Computer & Di G.Salierno & Di F.Formato S.N.C. Benevento, Italy
Computervriend Mere, Belgium
Complott Art-Vertrieb Gmbh Mettmann, Germany
Comsel S.R.L. Varese, Italy
Compusoft Asa Borgenhaugen, Norway
Committeri Giuseppe Roma, Italy
Computer Help Computer Assistance S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Computer Media Services S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Comi Antonello Claudio Calabria, Italy
Comperio S.R.L. Rovigo, Italy
Computer Service S.N.C. Di Brancati E Vadala' Calabria, Italy
Como Francesca Silvana Caltanissetta, Italy
Comlogic Darmstadt Systeme Gmbh Darmstadt, Germany
Compel (S.A.S.) Venezia, Italy
Communication Division Mogilevskaya, Belarus
Computer Center Nice, France
Comping D.O.O. Zagreb, Croatia
Compulog Computer Systeme Gesellschaft Mit Beschrankter Haftung Aichtal, Germany
Computer Grafix Di Cuomo Gerardo Salerno, Italy
Condecco Digital Business Gmbh Munster, Germany
Consorzio Terrecablate Siena, Italy
Concept Informatique Ajaccio, France
Consult + System G.R.O.U.P. Gmbh Monchengladbach, Germany
Consint Di Paolo Nacci Lecco, Italy
Concord Energy Singapore, Singapore
Concerto Software Sarl Perret, France
Conseil Informat Realis Vehic Indus Agri Antony, France
Contentis B.V. Amsterdam, Netherlands
Consorzio Dygroup Torino, Italy
Consulplast S.R.L. Torino, Italy
Conxpert Gmbh & Co. Kg Bremen, Germany
Consorzio Csc Italia Bergamo, Italy
Confaplast S.R.L. Genova, Italy
Con & Sol S.N.C. Asti, Italy
Concurrent S.A. Piraeus, Greece
Contentserv Gmbh Oberbayern, Germany
Consul Risk Management Research & Development B.V. Delft, Netherlands
Conception Ingenierie En Informatique Mans, France
Consoft Informatica S.R.L. Padova, Italy
Consulting & Software Padova, Italy
Concepteam Meteren, France
Configit A/S Denmark
Conet Sw A.S. Pohorelice, Czech Republic
Contakt Consulting B.V. Gouda, Netherlands
Connector Agency Cavaillon, France
Concept Data A/S Herning, Denmark
Concept Realis Informatique Industrielle Vacquieres, France
Cona S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Controles Tests Expertises Nordtest Rungis, France
Conseil Formation Assistance Paris, France
Constep S.R.L. Brianza, Italy
Connessioni Metropolitane S.R.L. Prato, Italy
Concretix S.R.L. Treviso, Italy
Conseil Investi Import Export Prestation Paris, France
Conseil Informatique Normes Et Qualite Donnenheim, France
Conject Gmbh Duisburg, Germany
Consumer Electronics Milano, Italy
Conseil Assistance Ingenierie Informatiq Noisseville, France
Con Terra Gmbh Munster, Germany
Concept Software S.N.C. Di Bossetti Umberto E Canni Ferrari Ugo Como, Italy
Cooperativa 5 L ( S.R.L. ) Venezia, Italy
Coolprofs B.V. Wetering, Netherlands
Coop. Unlimited Informationssysteme Gmbh Frohnleiten, Austria
Coop.Sociale Asj Service Napoli, Italy
Coplanner Software & Consulting Gmbh Graz, Austria
Copras Fin Spa Italy
Copies Part Dieu Lyon, France
Copying S.R.L. Varese, Italy
Copyit S.R.L. Viterbo, Italy
Copilot Partners Paris, France
Copiafax Dijon, France
Copy-Sud-Solutions Toulouse, France
Copy Service Di Rosati Giulio Potenza, Italy
Copy Print Service Gmbh Stuttgart, Germany
Copianova Group S.R.L. Parma, Italy
Copytecnica Di Ferraiuolo Francesco Salerno, Italy
Copy Plan Mons, Belgium
Copydata Systems Gmbh Fischbach, Germany
Coppetta Marco & C. Sdf Roma, Italy
Coppertel - Sistemas Informaticos S.A. Maia, Portugal
Copydry S.R.L. Napoli, Italy
Corsisoftware.Com S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Cormet S.C. Myslowice, Poland
Cor Deutschland Gmbh Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany
Corehab S.R.L. Italy
Corsair Ham-Sur-Heure, Belgium
Corena Norge As Kongsberg, Norway
Corbelli Elettronica S.R.L. Bologna, Italy
Corvex Uzleti Megoldasok Rt Budapest, Hungary
Corte Giovanni Asti, Italy
Core-Techs Paris, France
Corena Deutschland Gmbh Frankfurt, Germany
Corporation-Skess-Llc Russian Federation
Corma Di Magnanini Ing. Corrado Emilia, Italy
Corel Gmbh Unterschleissheim, Germany
Cor@Il Bidart, France
Coremedia Ag Hamburg, Germany
Coratec Di Del Corno Paolo Maria & C. S.A.S. Milano, Italy
Corimtec Di Conti Francesco Rimini, Italy
Core Informatica S.R.L. Torino, Italy
Cortese Anna Hd On Line Torino, Italy
Coretech S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Coscom Mundolsheim, France
Costa F.Lli - S.R.L. Vicenza, Italy
Cosort Solutions Lyon, France
Cosmoplast (S.P.A.) Italy
Cos Concept Paris, France
Cosmo Soft Villepinte, France
Cosdata Paschold Gmbh Unterfranken, Germany
Cosmic Compilateurs Systemes Micros Creteil, France
Cosyco Gmbh Computer Systeme Und Componenten Germering, Germany
Cosmotron Systems Spol. S R.O. Hodonin, Czech Republic
Cost Computers Services And Technologies S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Costa Alessandro Bergamo, Italy
Cot Computer Oem Trading Gmbh Dieburg, Germany
Cotranet Meylan, France
Couleur Et Connection-Cec Vourles, France
Covast B.V. Ijssel, Netherlands
Covena International Aktiebolag Venlo, Netherlands
Coware Heverlee, Belgium
Cp Software S.P.A. Modena, Italy
Cpb Software Ag Wien, Austria
Cpc.Di-Comp.Portuguesa Computadores -Distr.Produtos Informaticos S.A. Guifoes, Portugal
Cpg Finance Systems Gmbh Oberbayern, Germany
Cppk Leognan, France
Crapisi Plast Milano, Italy
Cravero Giuseppe E C. S.R.L. Torino, Italy
Creatixs.R.O. Praha, Czech Republic
Creaso Creative Software Systems Gesellschaft Mit Beschrankter Haftung Gilching, Germany
Creative Di Meaolo Daniela Napoli, Italy
Crespi Sergio & C. S.A.S. Milano, Italy
Creative Intelligence S.R.L. Bari, Italy
Creative Labs (Ireland) Limited Dublin, Ireland
Crescendo Coquette, France
Creative Information Technology Lyon, France
Crealog Software-Entwicklung Und Beratung Gmbh Munchen, Germany
Creative Labs Srl Italy
Cristalux Kirchberger Glas-Gmbh & Co. Kg Kirchberg, Germany
Critical Path B.V. Dublin, Ireland
Cristallni Fulvio Roma, Italy
Crisoftsolution Di Andrea Di Felice Piceno, Italy
Crm Consulting As Oslo, Norway
Cross Library Services S.R.L. Trento, Italy
Croisix Paris, France
Crown-Tech Kft Budapest, Hungary
Cronostamp S.R.L. Italy
Croglia Pietrangelo Potenza, Italy
Crown Horeca ( Cv. Mitra Makmur) Jakarta Utara, Jakarta, Indonesia
Crypsys Data Security B.V. Gorinchem, Netherlands
Cs Programme Annecy, France
Csb System Sas Metz, France
Csb-System Ag Geilenkirchen, Germany
Csc Computer Sciences Consulting Austria Gmbh Wien, Austria
Csc Financial Services Sas Pont, France
Csc Italia S.R.L. Padova, Italy
Csc Veneto S.P.A. Italy
Csc S.R.L. Napoli, Italy
Csd Management Consulting Gmbh Duben, Germany
Cseda Di Cereste Giovanni Foggia, Italy
Cseg Computersofware Einkaufsgmbh Schwaben, Germany
Csf Polska Sp Z O O Lublin, Poland
Csi Di Incerti Rossano Modena, Italy
Csl France Paris, France
Csn Groep B.V. Leusden, Netherlands
Cspi Di Porta Giuseppe Cuneo, Italy
Cst Computer Software Technology Gmbh Braunfels, Germany
Csv Paris, France
Csw Customer-Service Wilhelm Gmbh & Co. Kg Simmern, Germany
Ct Magnet Lezons, France
Ctac Retail B.V. S-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Ctc Trading Gmbh Leopoldsdorf, Austria
Ctdi Nethouse Services Kft Budapest, Hungary
Cts Informatica S.R.L. Bolzano, Italy
Cube Consultants S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Custom Licensing Rousset, France
Customer Product Relationship Management Breteche, France
Customer Care Information Systems Ag Munchen, Germany
Custom Engineering S.P.A. Italy
Custompublish As Oslo, Norway
Custom Engine Service S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Customer Engineering Service S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Cv. Abadi Label Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Cv. Galeri Mandiri Utama Malang, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Cv. Graha Mesin Malang, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Cv. Karunia Makmur Persada Medan, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia
Cv. Karya Asih Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta, Indonesia
Cv.Wira Utama Teknik Malang, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Cv. Mitra Water Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Cv. Orient Tech Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Cv.Karya Mandiri Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Cv. Real Solution Malang, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Cvd Di Bernardo Comini E C & S.A.S. Brescia, Italy
Cwk It Consulting Gmbh Mannheim, Germany
Cwl-Computer-Handelsgesellschaft M.B.H. Modling, Austria
Cyberpab.Pl - Rafal Czyz Jaroslaw, Poland
Cyber Cube Paris, France
Cybnet Group S.R.L. Verona, Italy
Cyberstudio Sp. Z O.O. Katowice, Poland
Cyberdyne Technologies S.R.O. Praha, Czech Republic
Cyberoffice Mulhouse, France
Cybermarket S.R.L. Siena, Italy
Cybernetica As Tallinn, Estonia
Cyber.Net S.R.L. Prato, Italy
Cyberbook As Oslo, Norway
Cycos France Courbevoie, France

D & D System Snc Di Drago Gianluca E De Luca Pietrangelo Brianza, Italy
D & G Computers E O O D Varna, Bulgaria
D&F Nautic Solutions Nice, France
D&G Servizi Di Informatica S.N.C. Bari, Italy
D'Errico Luigi Napoli, Italy
D'Vel S.N.C. Bologna, Italy
D-Link (Deutschland) Gmbh Gesellschaft Fur Kommunikationssysteme Eschborn, Germany
D-Net Informatika Kft Budapest, Hungary
D-One Software House Di Sbreviglieri Davide Modena, Italy
D. & S. Hoerdt, France
D.A. & A. Software B.V. Helmond, Netherlands
D.El.Ca. Elettronica Di D'Angelo Giuseppe Messina, Italy
D.F.I Services Marne, France
D.I.V. Informatica S.R.L. Napoli, Italy
D.L.L. Informatique Seine, France
D.O.M. Datenverarbeitung Gmbh Nurnberg, Germany
D.P.I Informatique Sarl Provence, France
D.R.D. Elettronica S.R.L. Bergamo, Italy
D.S.C. Eredi Bertolotti Rossano Di Boselli Simona & C. Brescia, Italy
D.S.I. S.N.C. Di De Caro Siracusa, Italy
D.S. Data Service S.R.L. Milano, Italy
D.Velop Ag Gescher, Germany
D2 Si-Informatique Services Rosel, France
D2Si Suresnes, France
Da Vinci International B.V. Vorden, Netherlands
Da.Ma. S.N.C. Di Chiodo Marcello & Rocca Davide Catanzaro, Italy
Dabar Informatika D.O.O. Zagreb, Croatia
Dacon Data Conversion Gmbh Nagold, Germany
Dadework Di Azzolin Davide Vicenza, Italy
Dafa System S.N.C. Di Fratantonio David & Fabio Ragusa, Italy
Daghetti Luigi Milano, Italy
Dagomedia S.R.L. Pesaro Urbino, Italy
Dahliatech Antony, France
Daidalos B.V. Bleiswijk, Netherlands
Dalkia Sgps S.A. Arcos, Portugal
Dal Santo Mirko Vicenza, Italy
Dale Consulting S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Daldata As Tynset, Norway
Dalyplastic Sault, France
Dal Cin Elio S.R.L. Treviso, Italy
Dalibo Roquemaure, France
Dalla Valle Samuela Padova, Italy
Dalma Zenon Kosmydel Sacz, Poland
Danmon Danmark A/S Gentofte, Denmark
Dantaxi Administrationen A/S Vanloese, Denmark
Danieli Automation S.P.A. Italy
Dan Reseaux Et Communication Denis, France
Danphil Conseils Perret, France
Daniplast (S.R.L.) Italy
Danobat Sheet Metal Elgoibar, Spain
Danelec Electronics A/S Birkeroed, Denmark
Dapos S.R.O. Myto, Czech Republic
Darcos S.N.C. Di Morico D. E Frutos S. Ancona, Italy
Dasi Datensicherung Handelsgesellschaft Mbh Frechen, Germany
Datalogic Automation Ges.M.B.H. Guntramsdorf, Austria
Data Share Archamps, France
Dataccuracy Paris, France
Data System S.R.L. Palermo, Italy
Data Dialog Edv-Systeme Gmbh Schkeuditz, Germany
Datatrak I.T. Services Limited Mosta, Malta
Data System I.T.P. S.R.L. Ragusa, Italy
Datapiano S.R.L. Venezia, Italy
Databail Clichy, France
Data Software Brno S.R.O. Brno, Czech Republic
Data Equipment A/S Oslo, Norway
Datasiel S.P.A. Genova, Italy
Datapartner S.R.O. Budejovice, Czech Republic
Datacon B.V. Tilburg, Netherlands
Data Solution Di Paoloni Robertino E Berozzi Michele & C. S.N.C. Macerata, Italy
Datimedia S.R.L. Brescia, Italy
Dataapex Spol. S R.O. Lety, Czech Republic
Datalex Netherlands B.V. Amstelveen, Netherlands
Datasinergy S.R.L. Campobasso, Italy
Data Intertech Spol. S.R.O. Praha, Czech Republic
Datarekvisita As Vinterbro, Norway
Datacomsys Riviere, France
Data 4 Services Italy S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Data Solution Provider S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Dataservice S.A.S. Di Emilie Helga Schneck & C. Milano, Italy
Datapro S.R.L. Napoli, Italy
Datasint S.R.L. Trieste, Italy
Datavolt Moulineaux, France
Data Assistanse As Alesund, Norway
Datron-Electronic-Gmbh Muhltal, Germany
Dataflight Europe A/S Alleroed, Denmark
Datasoft Di Gianni Pomante Pescara, Italy
Datagroup Gmbh Pliezhausen, Germany
Datex Iii Sp. Z O.O. Katowice, Poland
Datapec Gesellschaft Fur Datenverarbeitung Mbh Pliezhausen, Germany
Datacom Sas France, France
Datey Eyrich Gmbh Ramstein-Miesenbach, Germany
Datasoft S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Data Call As Fornebu, Norway
Datus Ag Aachen, Germany
Dataloc Gmbh Zell, Germany
Data Respons Asa Hovik, Norway
Data Respons Norge As Hovik, Norway
Datek Wireless As Kjeller, Norway
Datasoft Gesellschaft Fur Datenverarbeitung Mbh Neu-Isenburg, Germany
Datapac Ltd Enniscorthy, Ireland
Datastat.Net S.R.L. Catania, Italy
Datus Sud Ouest Labege, France
Datateam Systems As Norway
Datakustik Holding Gmbh Greifenberg, Germany
Data Net System Di Ugliola Michele Foggia, Italy
Datacentro Gmbh Burgdorf, Germany
Data System S.R.L. Modena, Italy
Dataweb Gmbh Niederbayern, Germany
Datatronic Identsysteme Gmbh Giesshubl, Austria
Data - Software Spol. S R.O. Opava, Czech Republic
Datop B.V. Houten, Netherlands
Datos Di Marin De La Cruz Rafael Andres Savona, Italy
Datagramma S.R.L. Padova, Italy
Data Service Gesellschaft Fur Elektronische Datenverarbeitung Mbh & Co. Kommanditgesellschaft Hagen, Germany
Datacom S.N.C. Di Claudio Bellucci & C. Livorno, Italy
Data Print S.R.L. Torino, Italy
Data Service Di Giandomenico Sandro & C. S.N.C. Chieti, Italy
Datanet S.C.A.R.L. Siracusa, Italy
Databalance International B.V. Nieuwkuijk, Netherlands
Data Control Software Gmbh Oberhaching, Germany
Daunia Service S.A.S. Dell'Ingegner Cutolo Michele & C. Bari, Italy
Davay Communications S.R.O. Brno, Czech Republic
Daveg Gmbh Darmstadt, Germany
Dawan Sarl Saint-Herblain, France
Daxo S.R.L. Livorno, Italy
Daynet Espessas, France
Daya Solutions S.R.L.S Roma, Italy
Day Time S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Db Media Cabestany, France
Db Services S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Db-Central Gmbh Kleve, Germany
Dbf S.R.L. Firenze, Italy
Dbsoft S.N.C. Di Moretti & Ianovitz Ancona, Italy
Dbvit Di Luigi Vitucci Milano, Italy
Dc Sistemi Di Cassano Donato Bari, Italy
Dccs Gmbh Raaba, Austria
Dcs Dillon Communication Systems Gmbh & Co. Kg Hamburg, Germany
Dct Delta Communication & Technik Gmbh Bodman-Ludwigshafen, Germany
Ddl Soluzioni Informatiche Di Di Leo Davide Spezia, Italy
Dds Daten- Und Diagnose- Neuried, Germany
De Luca Benedetto Foggia, Italy
De Pasquale Walter Roma, Italy
De Simone Daniele Roma, Italy
De Blasio Raffaele Piceno, Italy
De Volder En Co Dendermonde, Belgium
De Filippo Mariano Napoli, Italy
De Netwerkbeheerder B.V. Tilburg, Netherlands
De.Ge.Co S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Dea S.R.L. Taranto, Italy
Declic Informatique Aurillac, France
Decalibro S.A.S. Torino, Italy
Decsoft S.A. Warszawa, Poland
Decision Consulting S.R.L. Torino, Italy
Dedax Fm S.R.L. Ravenna, Italy
Dedra S.R.L. Venezia, Italy
Deecal International Limited Dublin, Ireland
Def Informatique Roses, France
Degalo Sistemi S.R.L. Bari, Italy
Degama Gmbh Apotheken- Und Marketing-Beratung Furth, Germany
Degriff'Mac Paris, France
Deicon S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Deltha Rendszerhaz Kft Budapest, Hungary
Deltaplast S.R.L. Vicenza, Italy
Delco Distribuzione S.R.L. Bologna, Italy
Delta Informatique Marseille, France
Delphinet Communication Associati Viterbo, Italy
Delman S.R.L. Sassari, Italy
Delfin Computer Informatikai Rt. Hodmezovasarhely, Hungary
Dell Sp. Z O.O. Warszawa, Poland
Delta Soft Sp. Z O.O. Warszawa, Poland
Dell Gmbh Frankfurt, Germany
Delo Computer Gmbh Recklinghausen, Germany
Delta Systems Ltd Dublin, Ireland
Delika Ltd. Russian Federation
Delfis S.R.L. Cagliari, Italy
Delta - Rechenzentrum Gesellschaft Mit Beschrankter Haftung Russelsheim, Germany
Del Carlo Maurizio Lucca, Italy
Dell Computer S.A Maroussi, Greece
Del-Net.Com Chaville, France
Delta Ressources Erdre, France
Delta Developpement Castres, France
Delta S.R.L. Forli Cesena, Italy
Delta Systemes Perpignan, France
Delam Telecomunicazioni E Servizi S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Delco S.P.A. Milano, Italy
Delta Processing Napoli, Italy
Delfo S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Dell S.P.A. Milano, Italy
Delta Informatica S.R.L. Novara, Italy
Delta Impresa S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Delta Team Srl Milano, Italy
Deltronic International Di Del Ragno Antonio Milano, Italy
Demos Data S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Demuynck Computer Wemmel, Belgium
Demo Adam Falda Krzysztof Graca S.J. Katowice, Poland
Demezzi Torino, Italy
Dentronic Multimedia Marketing Gmbh Herne, Germany
Denies Cherepovets, Russian Federation
Deor S.R.L. Taranto, Italy
Depa S.R.L. Brescia, Italy
Dep Gennevilliers, France
Derivexperts Paris, France
Des Cullen Enterprises Ltd Bray, Ireland
Designsoft Szamitastechnikai Es Elektronikai Korlatolt Felelossegu Tarsasag Budapest, Hungary
Desco Software Di De Santis Maurizio Foggia, Italy
Desys Dezentrale Dv-Systeme Gmbh Bielefeld, Germany
Desten Computers Moscow, Russian Federation
Deutsches Forschungszentrum Fur Kunstliche Intelligenz Gmbh Kaiserslautern, Germany
Deutschmann Automation Gmbh & Co. Kg Camberg, Germany
Develop Systems S.R.O. Brno, Czech Republic
Deveco Informatica S.R.L. Torino, Italy
Develop Di Stefano Scarano Torino, Italy
Devstudio S.R.L. Firenze, Italy
Devdata S.R.L. Napoli, Italy
Deviprod Meudon, France
Devoteam Telecom As Grimstad, Norway
Develop Informatique Assistance Logiciel Mans, France
Dev74 Di Radoni Daniele Ancona, Italy
Dexelop S.R.L. Catania, Italy
Df Labs S.R.L. Cremona, Italy
Df Consulting Paris, France
Dgh Technologies Caen, France
Dhc Dr. Herterich & Consultants Gmbh Saarbrucken, Germany
Dhj-Software Sp Zoo Zawiercie, Poland
Dhm 26 Gervais, France
Dhsitalia Di Fabio Alterio Napoli, Italy
Di Soft S.R.L. Bergamo, Italy
Di Stefano Giovanni Agrigento, Italy
Di Bella Giancarlo Messina, Italy
Di Brigida Michele Emilia, Italy
Di Ianni Romolo Roma, Italy
Di Clerico Federico Pescara, Italy
Di.Co.El. Di Ladisa Benedetta & C. S.A.S. Torino, Italy
Diaz Hungary Kereskedelmi Zartkoruen Mukodo Reszvenytarsasag Felszamolas Alatt Budapest, Hungary
Diadema Sinergie Di Alex Della Marra Pescara, Italy
Diabolictech Di Carbone Nicola Cosenza, Italy
Dialogue Electronique Trelon, France
Dialux S.R.L. Venezia, Italy
Diab S.P.A. Italy
Diatec Aubiere, France
Diana Software Di Bellagamba Diana Pisa, Italy
Diacad Systems Gmbh Hildesheim, Germany
Diamant Russian Federation
Dialog Edv Systementwicklung Gmbh Hannover, Germany
Diademys Seine, France
Dial Informatica S.R.L. Udine, Italy
Dibera Dv- Und Wirtschaftsberatungsgesellschaft Mbh Munster, Germany
Dicom Polska Sp Z O O Warszawa, Poland
Dics Intertrade Ood Sofia, Bulgaria
Dictia' Di Marti Giorgio Lecce, Italy
Diesse Cim S.R.L. Lucca, Italy
Die Informatik-Werkstatt Gmbh Hard- Und Softwareentwicklung Ulm, Germany
Diem Informatica S.A.S. Campobasso, Italy
Diego Informatique Balma, France
Dieffe Plast S.R.L. Treviso, Italy
Dieffe Di Di Folco Giovanni Frosinone, Italy
Diffusion De Produits Alimentaires Europeens Aumone, France
Digital Data Communications Italia (S.R.L.) Italy
Digi France Paris, France
Digipos Store Solutions A/S Roedovre, Denmark
Digital Idea Di Baviera Tommaso Firenze, Italy
Digitronica Computers S.R.L. Teramo, Italy
Digitest Elektronik Service Gmbh Landau, Germany
Digital System Di Tartaglione Angelo Caserta, Italy
Digitalpa S.R.L. Cagliari, Italy
Digit 4 Zaventem, Belgium
Digital Media Technologies (Dmt) Ood Sofia, Bulgaria
Digitalsoccer Project S.R.L. Brescia, Italy
Digi International Seine, France
Digital Copy S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Digital Engineering - Software & Control - S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Digital Systems Disy Gesellschaft Fur Edv-Komplettlosungen Mbh Leipzig, Germany
Digital One Sp. Z O.O. Lodz, Poland
Digitalsoft S.R.L. Chieti, Italy
Digital-Logic Gmbh Siegen, Germany
Digimat S.R.L. Matera, Italy
Digi Corp S.R.L. Pordenone, Italy
Digit Planet Di Gaiardo Elvis Pordenone, Italy
Digital Data Communications Gmbh Dortmund, Germany
Dimensione Informatica S.N.C. Perugia, Italy
Dimension It France
Dimar Electronic Srl Milano, Italy
Dimac Red S.R.L. Brianza, Italy
Dimmel-Software Gmbh Bautzen, Germany
Dinacom S.R.L. Como, Italy
Dinap Hajjaj, Morocco
Dini Federico Lucca, Italy
Dinfo Systemy Internetowe Bielsko-Biala, Poland
Diogene Software S.A.S. Salerno, Italy
Diogenet S.R.L. Padova, Italy
Dipro Cz Spol. S R.O. Milovice, Czech Republic
Dirra Valence, France
Direct Toner Napoule, France
Directskills Poissy, France
Direct Group Sp. Z O.O. Warszawa, Poland
Dirtec S.A.S. Di Dake Wei Roma, Italy
Distriline Trading Gmbh Wassenberg, Germany
Distripc Sarl Louis, France
Displei Kb Vitebskaya, Belarus
Distram S.R.L. Cremona, Italy
Dis Informatica S.R.L. Latina, Italy
Disaster Des Ploner Klaus & Co. Kg Bolzano, Italy
Distriwan Lyon, France
Distribur Louis, France
Distributed Systems Vertriebs- Und Beratungsgesellschaft Mbh Laer, Germany
Distribyuterskaya Kompaniya Miks Ooo Moscow, Russian Federation
Ditech Daten- Und Informationstechnik Gmbh Wien, Austria
Ditch Export & Import Co. Ltd. Myanmar
Ditta Informatica Alessandria, Italy
Ditta Seven Di Angelino Chiara Napoli, Italy
Divis-Digitale Video- Und Informationssysteme Entwicklungs- Und Vertriebs Gmbh Wien, Austria
Dixinfor Villas, France
Dkr91 Di Enrico Filippi Emilia, Italy
Dli S.P.A. Roma, Italy
Dlog Gesellschaft Fur Elektronische Datentechnikmbh Olching, Germany
Dmk Soft S.C. Lublin, Poland
Dms - Systemhaus Gesellschaft Fur Edv - Losungen Mbh Bayreuth, Germany
Dna Services B.V. Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, Netherlands
Dna Servizi Informatici S.R.L. Bologna, Italy
Dns Hungary Computer Service Limited Liability Company Dns Hungary Ltd. Budapest, Hungary
Do-It Automatisering Didam, Netherlands
Dobis Doradztwo Oprogramowanie Bezpieczenstwo Informacji Systemy Gdansk, Poland
Dobit Olen, Belgium
Dobrin Marian Daniel George Viterbo, Italy
Doc Line Bureautique Paris, France
Docutec Ag Aachen, Germany
Doing S.R.L. Napoli, Italy
Dokumenthuset As Oslo, Norway
Dokumentsenteret Hamar As Hamar, Norway
Dolce Vista Verberie, France
Dolmen Computer Applications N.V. Huizingen, Belgium
Dolmen Nv Turnhout, Belgium
Dolceria Imperiale S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Dominique Vaquand Informatique Sarl Eyguieres, France
Domino S.R.L. Torino, Italy
Dom Handlowy Oprogramowania (Dho) Warszawa, Poland
Domini David Perugia, Italy
Domdata Sp. Z O.O. Poznan, Poland
Domex Sp. Z O.O. - Oddzial Opole Opole, Poland
Donato Antonino Calabria, Italy
Doqum Gmbh Nurnberg, Germany
Dosit Gmbh & Co. Kg Dortmund, Germany
Dotcom Di Megna Alberto Torino, Italy
Double. P Informatica S.A.S. Di Paolo Piazza & C. Genova, Italy
Doxense Lille, France
Dplay S.R.L. Treviso, Italy
Dr. Bott Kg Unterhain, Germany
Dr. Ramcke Datentechnik Gmbh Neritz, Germany
Dr.E.Hackhofer Edv - Softwareberatung Gesellschaft M.B.H. Wien, Austria
Dr.Neuhaus Computer Kgaa Hamburg, Germany
Dr. Brunthaler Industrielle Informationstechnik Gmbh Berlin, Germany
Dr. Weiss & Partner Gmbh Markneukirchen, Germany
Dr. Soft S.A.S. Di Gresta Maria Cristina & C. Catania, Italy
Dr. Hagen & Partner Gmbh Mittelfranken, Germany
Dr. Brockhaus-Messtechnik Gmbh & Co. Kommanditgesellschaft Ludenscheid, Germany
Dr. Westmeier Gesellschaft Fur Kernspektrometrie Mbh Hessen, Germany
Dragon Plastics B.V. Sint-Maartensdijk, Netherlands
Drivetech Di Radice Enrico & C. S.N.C. Mantova, Italy
Droggitis C. S.A. D.C.C.-Max Hellas Athens, Greece
Ds Graphic & Engineering S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Ds Keyboard Technic Gmbh Radolfzell, Germany
Ds Data Service Gmbh Metzingen, Germany
Ds Informatica S.R.L. Padova, Italy
Dsb Ag Neckarsulm, Germany
Dsd Data Service Damm Gmbh Oberbayern, Germany
Dsm Handhabungssysteme Gmbh & Co. Kg Westerstede, Germany
Dsp-Agrosoft Gmbh Ketzin, Germany
Dtg A.S. ( Datacentrum ) Praha, Czech Republic
Dtk-Computer Handelsgesellschaft M.B.H. Wien, Austria
Dtm Datentechnik Gmbh Ludenscheid, Germany
Dtm Computer S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Dtp S.R.L. Lucca, Italy
Dtraining S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Dts-Pro-Sys Gmbh Rostock, Germany
Dts Medien Ag Herford, Germany
Dts Systeme Gmbh Herford, Germany
Dual Valves Gauteng, Gauteng, South Africa
Dualtech S.R.L. Potenza, Italy
Dualis Gmbh It Solution Sachsen, Germany
Duel Services Europe A.S. Stirin, Czech Republic
Dueplast S.R.L. Massa, Italy
Duonext Paris, France
Duplex Grandi Formati Di Buffa Cristiano Cagliari, Italy
Durr Ndt Gmbh & Co. Kg Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany
Duyvejonck - Belaen Roeselare, Belgium
Dv-Log Cergy, France
Dvd-Expo Llc Moscow, Russian Federation
Dvm Menedzhment Tsentr Moscow, Russian Federation
Dvz S.R.L. Vicenza, Italy
Dynamic Id S.R.L. Napoli, Italy
Dynamic Informatica S.R.L. Bergamo, Italy
Dynamics P C Services Pinsaguel, France
Dynamips Herblain, France
Dynamic Software Sp. Z O.O. Warszawa, Poland
Dynamic 2001 Kft. Budapest, Hungary
Dynamore Gesellschaft Fur Fem Ingenieurdienstleistungen Mbh Karlsruhe, Germany
Dynatrace Software Gmbh Linz, Austria
Dzhemini-T Moscow, Russian Federation
Dzhetkom Moscow, Russian Federation

E - Group S.R.L. Padova, Italy
E - Concept S.R.L. Parma, Italy
E - Tica S.R.L. Milano, Italy
E - Service S.R.L. Roma, Italy
E - Utile S.P.A. Milano, Italy
E - Shark S.R.L. Catania, Italy
E - Creation Di Alberto Curtolo & C. S.N.C. Treviso, Italy
E - Impresa S.A.S. Di Dario Fazzini & C. Brianza, Italy
E - Scientia S.R.L. Milano, Italy
E Micro Romans, France
E Re Net Espertise Reseau Networking Etienne, France
E-Bus Electronic Business Software Gmbh Bremerhaven, Germany
E-Network Grenoble, France
E-Petrol.Pl Sp. Z O.O. Wroclaw, Poland
E. Com S.N.C. Campobasso, Italy
E.B. S.R.L. Brescia, Italy
E.D.P. - Consulting Center S.R.L. Sondrio, Italy
E.D. Europe S.R.L. Bologna, Italy
E.N.A.I. Systems B.V. Ijssel, Netherlands
E.O.S. S.R.L. Brescia, Italy
E.T.S. S.P.A. Bergamo, Italy
E.T.I. Terni, Italy
E2G S.R.L. Milano, Italy
E3S Electronic Solution Support Success Gmbh Nurnberg, Germany
Eagle Peak Gmbh Gmund, Germany
Eao France Sas Ozoir-La-Ferriere, France
Eao Italia S.R.L. Bergamo, Italy
Earth Corporation Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Early Morning Milano, Italy
Easy Software S.N.C. Di Volante Giovanni E Salutini Raffaella Varese, Italy
Easycash Gmbh Ratingen, Germany
Easy Comunicazione S.N.C. Treviso, Italy
Easy Pc S.R.L. Venezia, Italy
Easy Comptage Palud, France
Ease - It Nice, France
Easydata Servizi Informatici S.R.L. Brianza, Italy
Easy* Systems Gmbh Bielefeld, Germany
Easyglobal S.R.L. Taranto, Italy
Easylamps Paris, France
Easyspare Nanterre, France
Eastman S.R.O. Paskov, Czech Republic
Eawork Assistenza Pc Roma, Italy
Eb-Soft Gesellschaft Fur Elektronische Beschriftungs-Software Mbh Heilbronn, Germany
Ebinger Und Giek Gmbh & Co. Kg Niefern-Oschelbronn, Germany
Ebit E Business & It Entwicklungs Gmbh Linz, Austria
Ebk Eret Bernard S.R.O. Plzen, Czech Republic
Ebk Gesellschaft Fur Edv- Buro- Und Kommunikationsbedarf Mbh Hachenburg, Germany
Ebo Spol. S R.O. Boskovice, Czech Republic
Echo Broadband Gmbh Siegburg, Germany
Ecircle France Paris, France
Ecitaly S.R.L. Imperia, Italy
Ecl Ip's Software & Services Cloud, France
Ecointesa S.N.C. Di Tarantini Michele Bari, Italy
Econsult S.R.O. Brno, Czech Republic
Eco Store S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Ecotecnica Di Serva Milvia Rieti, Italy
Ecoink Di Tutone Gaspare Palermo, Italy
Eco Laser Informatica S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Eco Roma S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Eco Technology Di Sartoni Paola E C. S.N.C. Pisa, Italy
Econet Computervertriebs Gmbh Neukirchen, Germany
Ecostamp S.R.L. Bologna, Italy
Ecotype Rigenerazione S.A.S. Verona, Italy
Eco - Sistema S.R.L. Genova, Italy
Ecocoms O O D Sofia, Bulgaria
Ecoservice Di Santarelli Paolo Macerata, Italy
Ecologia Beaubourg, France
Ecosoft Sachsen Informatik-Unternehmensberatung Gmbh Chemnitz, Germany
Ecole&Co S.R.L. Modena, Italy
Ecopolymeres Algerie, Algeria
Ecru S.C. P. Klimczak R. Urbanik Krakow, Poland
Ecs Spolecnost S Rucenim Omezenym Rybnik, Czech Republic
Ecs Electronic Cash Systems Gmbh Leutershausen, Germany
Ed Systems Gesellschaft Fur Systemlosungen Mbh Putzbrunn, Germany
Edam ( S.R.L. ) Brianza, Italy
Edalm S.R.L. Brianza, Italy
Edbergen As Bergen, Norway
Edda Systems As Royken, Norway
Edersoft Bidart, France
Edisplay S.R.L. Nuoro, Italy
Edit S.R.L. Cosenza, Italy
Edimatica S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Edita S.P.A. Milano, Italy
Edist Engineering S.R.L. Torino, Italy
Edisystem S.A.S. Di Abate A.& C. Torino, Italy
Editinfo Paris, France
Editions S.R.L. Viterbo, Italy
Editornext Di Gallina Giulio Varese, Italy
Editions Et Services Lyon, France
Edicad Cahors, France
Edigit Software S.A.S. Di Bertuzzi Milena Catanzaro, Italy
Edilab S.C.A R.L. Palermo, Italy
Edm S.N.C. Di Angelo Tumedei & C. Forli Cesena, Italy
Edmond Research & Development B.V. Nijmegen, Netherlands
Edotronik Gesellschaft Fur Elektroniksysteme Mbh & Co. Optoelektronik Kg Oberbayern, Germany
Edox Sausheim, France
Edoss Consulenze S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Edp Vertriebs-Gmbh Walldorf, Germany
Edp - Gestao Da Producao De Energia S.A. Lisboa, Portugal
Edp Voiron, France
Edr Engineering Data Resources As Sandvika, Norway
Edsl Consulting Paris, France
Eds - Electronic Data Systems De Portugal Processamento De Dados Informaticos Lda Queijas, Portugal
Eds Global Field Services France (Edsgsf) Villacoublay, France
Educinvest Colombes, France
Edv-Christian Haller Gmbh & Co. Kg Plauen, Germany
Edv- Und Textsysteme Looks Und Vogel Gmbh Ellerhoop, Germany
Edv-Labor Gmbh & Co. Kg Munster, Germany
Edv Service Gmbh Garz Putbus, Germany
Edv Ermtraud Gmbh Rheinbrohl, Germany
Edv - Compas Computer Anwendung Systeme Gmbh Memmingen, Germany
Edvantage Group Danmark Aps Hoersholm, Denmark
Eem-Empresa De Electricidade Da Madeira S.A. Funchal, Portugal
Eeprom Di De Bei Alessandro Vicenza, Italy
Efdis Aktiengesellschaft Bankensoftware Freising, Germany
Efekt Software Sp. Z O.O. Katowice, Poland
Effcom Ag Bodman-Ludwigshafen, Germany
Effedi Informatica Di Dore Filippo Cagliari, Italy
Effisoft Consulting Paris, France
Effedi S.R.L. Parma, Italy
Effegi Sistemi S.R.L. Padova, Italy
Efs Technology A/S Broendby, Denmark
Ega Soft Di Bargagli Antonino Sonia Grosseto, Italy
Egea Tecnologie Informatiche S.R.L. Venezia, Italy
Eggtronic S.R.L. Modena, Italy
Egm Sistemi S.R.L. Torino, Italy
Egs Group S.R.L. Cosenza, Italy
Ehryn Jolie, France
Eicon Networks France
Eirsys Technologie Labege, France
Ekit Moscow, Russian Federation
Ekobit D.O.O. Zagreb, Croatia
Ekoaudis Spol. S R.O. Brno, Czech Republic
Eko Group S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Eksaip S.R.L. Vicenza, Italy
Ekspert Systemy Informatyczne S.J. Szczecin, Poland
Ekzotekh-M Kazan, Russian Federation
El.Sa.Elettronica Savonese Di Dondo Roberto Savona, Italy
El.Pi Comp S.R.L. Padova, Italy
El.Da. Elaboraz. Dati Di Quartarone Donatella E C Firenze, Italy
Elabor Societa' Coperativa Pisa, Italy
Elaxy Gmbh Oberfranken, Germany
Elabora S.R.L. Novara, Italy
Elaide S.R.L. Padova, Italy
Elan Bureautique Coteau, France
Elabora S.R.L. Pistoia, Italy
Elatos S.R.L. - Il Gestionale Online Brescia, Italy
Elanz Solutions Colombes, France
Elba Informatica S.A.S. Di Gentini R.& C Livorno, Italy
Elcoline S.R.L. Salerno, Italy
Elca Di Giova Camilla & Co. Milano, Italy
Elcom S.R.L. Udine, Italy
Eldor Corporation S.P.A. Como, Italy
Eldicon Systemhaus Gmbh Nurnberg, Germany
Elesa S.R.L. Torino, Italy
Elettronica Rr Di Richiardi Francesco Torino, Italy
Eletecno S.N.C. Di Caprelli Alex E C. Brianza, Italy
Elektronix As Lysaker, Norway
Eledata Service Cagliari, Italy
Elettro - Market S.A.S. Di Cadetto Ugo & C. Firenze, Italy
Elettronica Cellot Pordenone, Italy
Electronic Products Ltd Venera, Malta
Elettron Plastic S.N.C. Di Orsi Alberto & C. Modena, Italy
Elettronica Te.Ra.Mo. Teramo, Italy
Electronik Idea S.R.L. Napoli, Italy
Electron Spol. S R.O. Brno, Czech Republic
Elektra-Comp Sp. Z O.O. Bydgoszcz, Poland
Election-Europe Billancourt, France
Electronics Adriatica Di Malavolta Bruno & C. ( S.N.C. ) Forli Cesena, Italy
Electa (S.R.L.) Venezia, Italy
Elettronica Cantoni Perugia, Italy
Electronic Design Buro Herwig Braun Gmbh Pfullingen, Germany
Elesys Di Marongiu Roberto Ogliastra, Italy
Elektronic-Data-Kleiber Gmbh Lindlar, Germany
Electronics Laboratory Catanzaro, Italy
Electronic Point Di Viviana Ladisa Bari, Italy
Electromec S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Elettronica D.O.C. Di Pozzoli Luca Milano, Italy
Eletti Valerio Roma, Italy
Elettronica Colasanti S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Elema Service Di Grandis Giampaolo Vicenza, Italy
Elettronica Mazzini Roma, Italy
Elettronica Pomezia S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Elettrospazio Roma, Italy
Elettronica Sestese Di Marchetti Elena E C. S.N.C. Milano, Italy
Elektronik Service Weiter Gmbh Gross-Gerau, Germany
Elettrosidi's S.A.S. Rovigo, Italy
Elettrotest S.P.A. Rovigo, Italy
Elettropiu Treviso, Italy
Electronic Components Padova, Italy
Elettrogamma Di Carlo Covatti E C. S.A.S. Brescia, Italy
Elettrotermica Dall'Ora S.R.L. Verona, Italy
Elfes Technology S.R.L. Varese, Italy
Elfes S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Elgeo S.R.O. Brno, Czech Republic
Elite Telecom Paris, France
Eliograf Mantova, Italy
Eli.Il Di Fabio Pietro Baghin E C. S.A.S. Milano, Italy
Elix Informatique Paris, France
Elite S.R.L. Forli Cesena, Italy
Elis As Sunnfjor, Norway
Elisphere Eveque, France
Elite S.N.C. Di Matteo Vignali E Roberto Desimoni S.N.C. Parma, Italy
Eliordata Paris, France
Elko Eesti Ou Tallinn, Estonia
Elko Kaunas Uab Uzdaroji Akcine Bendrove Kaunas, Lithuania
Elkaso-Fiskas Kasy Fiskalne Gory, Poland
Ellebi Computer Di Budri Luca Modena, Italy
Ellips B.V. Eindhoven, Netherlands
Elles Formation Bruz, France
Ellysse S.R.L. Emilia, Italy
Elliptic Fosses, France
Elliot Informatique Colombes, France
Elmec S.R.L. Brescia, Italy
Elmec S.P.A. Varese, Italy
Elmat S.P.A. Padova, Italy
Elpro Innotek S.P.A. Treviso, Italy
Elpo Plyus Belgorod, Russian Federation
Elpro S.C. Lodz, Poland
Elp Inform Electro Logi Programmation Marseille, France
Elpack S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Elsap S.P.A. Milano, Italy
Elson W.W.M. Paciuch E. Borkala S.J. Kosakowo, Poland
Elsinco-Elektronische Gerate Vertriebsgesellschaft M.B.H. Wien, Austria
Elteh D.O.O. Zagreb, Croatia
Eltec Automazioni S.N.C. Di Galiasso Giovanni & C. Cuneo, Italy
Elton Sp Z O O Katowice, Poland
Eltrade Sp. Z O.O. Szczecin, Poland
Eltec Elektronik Ag Mainz, Germany
Elzab S.A. Zaklady Urzadzen Komputerowych Zabrze, Poland
Emate S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Embedia S.R.L. Treviso, Italy
Emc Computer Systems Italia S.P.A. Milano, Italy
Emcos - Elektromechanische Componenten Und Systeme Produktions- Und Vertriebsgesellschaft Mbh Rodermark, Germany
Emc Belgian Development Group Zaventem, Belgium
Emc-Software Vertriebs Verwaltungs Gmbh Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Emerging Trade - Comercio Electronico S.A. Lisboa, Portugal
Emergy Tech S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Emisfera Verbania, Italy
Emi - Fil Plast S.R.L. Varese, Italy
Eminarslan Makne Bursa, Turkey
Emilgrip S.R.L. Parma, Italy
Emkim Medical And Chemical Technologies Co. Ltd. Turkey
Emmea Associati Belluno, Italy
Emmerre Servizi S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Emmebi Plast Di Maculan Giuseppe Vicenza, Italy
Emmedue S.R.L. Trieste, Italy
Emmeservice S.R.L. Brianza, Italy
Emmeduei S.R.L. Novara, Italy
Emmepitech Di Mario Patane' S.A.S. Catania, Italy
Emporio Dell' Informatica Messina, Italy
Empire Software S.R.L. Genova, Italy
Emu Computer Gmbh. Igensdorf, Germany
Emundo Gmbh Oberbayern, Germany
Encal Avezzano L'Aquila, Italy
Encom Systems Ltd Dublin, Ireland
Endoxa S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Enday Enterprise Co. Ltd Taiwan
Enerpy S.R.L. Udine, Italy
Enea Gmbh Ismaning, Germany
Energent S.P.A. Roma, Italy
Energoresurs Kurchatov, Russian Federation
Energee 3 S.R.L. Emilia, Italy
Enexsys S.R.L. Bologna, Italy
Enform@ Solutions S.N.C. Di Mariotto Alessandro & C. Rovigo, Italy
Enfenconfiance Sandrans, France
Engine! Lab Italy
Engibit S.R.L. Bologna, Italy
Engineering Italy Solutions S.R.L. Cosenza, Italy
Engine Software B.V. Doetinchem, Netherlands
Engineered Plastic Components Europe Limited Dublin, Ireland
Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.P.A. Padova, Italy
Eniware S.R.L. Messina, Italy
Enki Technologies Paris, France
Enrico Galli Pesaro Urbino, Italy
Ensigma Programmation Saint-Martin-D'Heres, France
Ens Forma Infor Comput Assisted Drawing Vinezac, France
Entiac Gmbh Hildesheim, Germany
Entropysoft Billancourt, France
Enter Sistemi Di Pozar Andrea Trieste, Italy
Enternett As Stavanger, Norway
Entecon Uk Ltd Camberley, United Kingdom
Entelec Control Systems Diepenbeek, Belgium
Envision Cs21 Pisek, Czech Republic
Enviro Spol. S R.O. Trebic, Czech Republic
Envox-Lab D.O.O. Zagreb, Croatia
Enzo Noseda Servizi D'Informatica Como, Italy
Eof & Bof S.R.L. Vicenza, Italy
Eonic B.V. Delft, Netherlands
Eos Informatica S.R.L. Brescia, Italy
Eos Data S.R.L. Torino, Italy
Eos Cambrai, France
Epcot Danmark A/S Denmark
Ephilos Ag Bremen, Germany
Ephesos Informatica S.R.L. Pisa, Italy
Epicom Gazeran, France
Eplan Software & Service Gmbh Amstetten, Austria
Epo Srl Roma, Italy
Epordata S.A.S. Torino, Italy
Epservice S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Epson Herlev, Denmark
Eps Electronic Payment Systems Ag Hessen, Germany
Epta D.O.O. Zagreb, Croatia
Eqip Ingefi Billancourt, France
Equa Electronics B.V. Simpelveld, Netherlands
Equalis S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Equipement De Gestion De Commerces Nicois Loubet, France
Era Edv-Systeme Vertriebs-Gmbh Niedersachsen, Germany
Era3 S.R.L. Verona, Italy
Erce Plasturgie Holding Martignat, France
Eredi Bocchetti Luigi S.R.L. Novara, Italy
Ergo-Data Gmbh Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Ergos Distribution Gmbh Friedrichsdorf, Germany
Ergodata-Servis Krasnogorsk, Russian Federation
Erg Cmt Paris, France
Ergosoft Softwareentwicklung Gmbh Unterfohring, Germany
Ergos Informatique Tournus, France
Eripress S.R.L. Salerno, Italy
Erkom Wroclaw, Poland
Erler Gmbh Dienstleistungen Fur Sps- Und Robotertechnik Dormettingen, Germany
Ermess Gesellschaft Fur Mess- Und Automatisierungstechnik Mbh Erfurt, Germany
Ermes Informatica S.R.L. Napoli, Italy
Erp Solution Innovation Paris, France
Erregi S.A.S. Di Rodolosi Laurent & C. Milano, Italy
Erregi Soft S.R.L. Udine, Italy
Erre Effe Informatica S.R.L. Arezzo, Italy
Errigo Andrea Bari, Italy
Errebi S.N.C. Roma, Italy
Erre Gomma Di Zuanetti Fabrizio Treviso, Italy
Ert Evolution Bievres, France
Ertac Gurer Turkey
Esbi Computing Limited Dublin, Ireland
Esc Software S.R.L. Catania, Italy
Esc S.J. Wroclaw, Poland
Escenic As Oslo, Norway
Esg Electronic Service Ges.M.B.H. Absdorf, Austria
Esh Gesellschaft Fur Abrechnungssysteme Mbh Koln, Germany
Esite - Equipamento E Servicos De Informatica E Telecomunicacoes Lda Aveiro, Portugal
Esker Software Entwicklungs- Und Vertriebs- Gmbh Munchen, Germany
Esl Technologies Elancourt, France
Esl Link Paris, France
Esprinet S.P.A. Milano, Italy
Espo Electronic S.R.L. Bolzano, Italy
Esprit Spol. S R.O. Radhostem, Czech Republic
Espresso Service Di Salvatore Emanuele Catania, Italy
Esprit Management & It Services B.V. Sint-Oedenrode, Netherlands
Esqualearning Compiegne, France
Esri Geoinformatik Gmbh Oberbayern, Germany
Esselle Di Creti Leonardo E Saibene Silvia S.N.C. Milano, Italy
Esse Technology Communication Di Scodellaro N. S.A.S. Pordenone, Italy
Essedata Di Fabrizio Villanova E C. S.A.S. Pescara, Italy
Essedi Shop Napoli1 Napoli, Italy
Essedi Software S.R.L. Modena, Italy
Essere Informatica S.R.L. Modena, Italy
Essebi Plast S.R.L. Bergamo, Italy
Estos Gmbh Starnberg, Germany
Esterel Technologies Elancourt, France
Ester S.R.L. Mantova, Italy
Estran S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Estep S.R.L. Vicenza, Italy
Esyen Di Esposito Gianluca & C. S.A.S. Frosinone, Italy
Eta Project S.R.L. Ancona, Italy
Etablissements Fontanay Jarez, France
Etablissements Huard Robinson, France
Etapes Informatique Toulouse, France
Etablissements Cousin Hermies, France
Etc S.R.L. Cremona, Italy
Etcom Datentechnik Gmbh Hameln, Germany
Eth Lab S.R.L. Trento, Italy
Etiscan Identifikationssysteme Gmbh Wollstadt, Germany
Etis Maubec, France
Etib Lorient, France
Etimarket S.C. Andrzej Mikula Beata Mikula Wroclaw, Poland
Etna Productions Laert, France
Ets Leval Gerard Lyon, France
Ets Verrier Michel Issoire, France
Ets Bruot Sa Arbent, France
Ets Germond Dole, France
Ets Patrimoine Management Et Technologies Billancourt, France
Ets Rene Maire Oyonnax, France
Ets Maurice Reffay Sone, France
Ets Lucien Welsch Pontcarre, France
Ets Didaktische Medien Gmbh Schwaben, Germany
Etudes Informatiques & Services Redon, France
Etudes Et Realisations Infographiques Fontaine, France
Etude Communication Administration Reseau Montreuil, France
Etudes Applications Services Fleury, France
Eudica Vieux, France
Eukom-Cabling Warszawa, Poland
Euroweb Marketing Gmbh (Vormals: Viscomp Gmbh) Dusseldorf, Germany
Eurokey Software Gmbh Saarbrucken, Germany
Eurorisk Systems Ltd Varna, Bulgaria
Euro - System ( S.A.S. ) Ferrara, Italy
Eurl Brior'D'Ures Briord, France
Euralpack Belgium Schoten, Belgium
Euro Computer Groep B.V. Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Eurel Informatica - S.P.A. Roma, Italy
Eurotecno S.R.L. Roma, Italy
European Consulting Gmbh Leichlingen, Germany
Euromonetic Habsheim, France
Euro-Systems Mer, France
Eurotel S.R.L. Treviso, Italy
Eurotek S.R.L. Napoli, Italy
Eurobit S.R.L. Bergamo, Italy
Euro Elettronica S.N.C. Di Fabbri P.I. Fabiano Rovigo, Italy
Euronet Eletronica S.R.L. Lecce, Italy
European Training And Consulting Center S.R.L. Padova, Italy
Eurosoft S.A.S. Padova, Italy
Europlastica.Net S.R.L. Venezia, Italy
Euro Office S.N.C. Di Cancelli M. & C. Brescia, Italy
Eurocopy Di Maffoni Cesare E C. S.A.S. Brescia, Italy
Euranet S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Euro-Impact Aumone, France
Eurocomp F.B.A. Kft. Godollo, Hungary
Eureco S.R.L. Torino, Italy
Eurex Torino, Italy
Eurocomputer S A Warszawa, Poland
Euro Arpa S.R.L. Torino, Italy
Euro Master S.R.L. Prato, Italy
Eurotechnology S.R.L. Trapani, Italy
Euroinformatica S.R.L. Prato, Italy
Euro Service Di Paolini Gionatan Pescara, Italy
Euro-Tec As Oslo, Norway
Eurl Nouvel Horizon Chateauroux, France
Euronet Software Ag Frechen, Germany
Eurolane Informatique Setques, France
Euro System Di Ferrarini Claudio Cosenza, Italy
Euroitalia Costruzioni S.R.L. Caserta, Italy
Europlastic S.R.L. Caserta, Italy
Europe Sud Diffusion Priest, France
Europ Computer Performance Stains, France
Euracall Gmbh Berlin, Germany
Europe Industrie Service Meslay, France
Eurolan Di Stortoni Rag. Stefano Ancona, Italy
Eurobit S.N.C. Siracusa, Italy
Euregon Ag Augsburg, Germany
European Business Management Paris, France
Eurorubber S.P.A. Parma, Italy
Euroinga Group S.P.A. Fermo, Italy
Eurolab S.R.L. Fermo, Italy
Euro M Informatica S.R.L. Bologna, Italy
Evatronix Sa Bielsko-Biala, Poland
Evac & Jv S.R.O. Plzen, Czech Republic
Evaxion Moulineaux, France
Eventi Time S.R.L. L'Aquila, Italy
Everest Holding B.V. Amsterdam, Netherlands
Even Di Armando Bosso Torino, Italy
Everest Automatyka Biurowa S C Warszawa, Poland
Evi Audio Gmbh Niederbayern, Germany
Evocrazy Denain, France
Evolution Pc Blois, France
Evoluzione Sistemi S.R.L. Varese, Italy
Evolution Net Paris, France
Evolix Marseille, France
Evolus S.R.L. Torino, Italy
Eware Group Gmbh Frechen, Germany
Eways S.R.L. Piacenza, Italy
Ews Di Giampietri Giampiero Piacenza, Italy
Ex Libris (Deutschland) Gmbh Hamburg, Germany
Exa Gmbh Stuttgart, Germany
Exact Software Poland Sp. Z O.O. Warszawa, Poland
Exact Development Ireland Ltd Dublin, Ireland
Excelsis Business Technology Ag Stuttgart, Germany
Excc Ag Reutlingen, Germany
Exec Software Team Gmbh Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
Exorigo Sp. Z O.O. Warszawa, Poland
Export General Systems Paris, France
Experteach Gesellschaft Fur Netzwerkkompetenz Mbh Dietzenbach, Germany
Expertise Et Investigation Informatique Et Reseaux Renan, France
Extrabyte S.R.L Prato, Italy
Extensione Olbia Tempio, Italy
Extra Informatica S.R.L. Sassari, Italy
Extra Computer Gmbh Giengen, Germany
Exxcellent Solutions Gmbh Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
Eyepc S.R.L. Torino, Italy
Ez Systems France Lyon, France

F. A. Services Gmbh Plochingen, Germany
F.A.Maker Pty. Ltd Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
F.B. 2001 Pantin, France
F.C.F. Elettronica Commerciale Di Feroldi Paolo & C. S.A.S. Brescia, Italy
F.C. New Plex S.A.S. Di Floriano Costa & C. Vicenza, Italy
Fa Gestion Vosges, France
Fa.Ro. Assistenza Informatica Di Favia E Roppo Bari, Italy
Fabrika.Pl Piwniczna-Zdroj, Poland
Faber Electronics B.V. Gld, Netherlands
Factotum Comunicazione Di Pasquale A. De Benedetto Lecce, Italy
Fachin & Friedrich Systems And Services Gmbh & Co. Kg Brakel, Germany
Factset France Sarl Paris, France
Faciliclic Saumur, France
Facility Facts B.V. Stolwijk, Netherlands
Fadeout Software Di Paolo Campanella Genova, Italy
Faggi Daniele Prato, Italy
Faith Sound Industrial Co. Ltd. Taiwan
Fairchild Semiconductor Gmbh Oberbayern, Germany
Falomo S.R.L. Alessandria, Italy
Falmar Mariusz Falkowski Bialystok, Poland
Fantanet S.R.L. Massa, Italy
Fana Data As Nesttun, Norway
Farplast Service S.R.L. Ravenna, Italy
Farmaline Srl Italy
Farplast S.R.L. Vicenza, Italy
Far Easy International Co. Ltd Taichung, Taichung, Taiwan
Fares S.R.L. Pavia, Italy
Farger Milano, Italy
Farotto Roberto Milano, Italy
Faros Lannion, France
Farah Trading Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Faro Scanning Gmbh Korntal-Munchingen, Germany
Farma Tre Informatica S.R.L. Modena, Italy
Farmaphox S.R.L. Trento, Italy
Fasys Industrie-Edv-Systeme Gmbh Koln, Germany
Fastercom S.R.L. Roma, Italy
Fast Search & Transfer Asa Oslo, Norway
Fashion Soft Consulting S.R.L. Modena, Italy
Fashion Lamp S.R.L. Firenze, Italy
Fashion Retail It Gmbh & Co. Kg Dusseldorf, Germany
Fast Sp. Z O.O. Lodz, Poland
Fast Parallel Solutions France Rungis, France
Fast 4 You Zaandam, Netherlands
Fatech Saturnin, France
Fauconnet Ingenierie Sa Othe, France
Faust Plast Fermo, Italy
Fautrait Desplantes Paris, France
Faust Schrift Und Design Werbung Gmbh Einhausen, Germany
Favaro John Pisa, Italy
Favourite Systems As Oslo, Norway
Faz Technologies Gradignan, France
Fb Engineering S.R.L. Modena, Italy
Fbl Group S.R.O. Praha, Czech Republic
Fc Informatica S.A.S. Di Franchino Perri & C. Cosenza, Italy
Fc Soft Di Flavio Cometto Torino, Italy
Fci Informatique Guillaume, France
Fcm Informatica S.R.L. Milano, Italy
Fcs Computer Systems Gmbh Lubeck, Germany
Fe.Me.T. S.A.S. Torino, Italy
Feas Bredband As Fredrikstad, Norway
Fedrasoft S.R.L. Torino, Italy
Feistkorn & Wolf Gbr Oberfranken, Germany
Feltron Elektronik - Zeissler & Co. Gmbh Troisdorf, Germany
Feldmann Media Group Ag Mittelfranken, Germany
Felici Luca Emilia, Italy
Fem-HåTechnika Kft. Karcag, Hungary
Feman S.R.L. Bologna, Italy
Feniceevo S.R.L. Torino, Italy
Filin Russian Federation
Fishing Association Delta-Plus Russian Federation
Flour Factory Jsc Russian Federation
French Trade Commission Ubifrance Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Fsue Frps Niiis Named After Yu.Ye. Sedakov Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Federation
Fui Jet Tech Co. Ltd. Taichung, Taiwan

G.T. Internet Information Co. Ltd. Taiwan
Gao Her Enterprise Co. Taiwan
Ghazal International Impex Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Girassol Ind E Com Plasticos Ltda Sao Paulo, Brazil
Gold Indo Malang, Indonesia
Goldfish Russian Federation
Gorizont Llc Russian Federation
Graysonline Auction Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Gssg (Australia) Pty Ltd. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Han King Plastic Machinery Co. Ltd. Taiwan
Heat And Control S.A. De C.V. El Salto, Jalisco, Mexico
Heada.Co. Ltd Taichung, Taichung, Taiwan
Hlebzavod Tikhoretsky Jsc Russian Federation
Hoa Phu Corp. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Homag Asia Pte Ltd Singapore, Singapore
Hse Ltd Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey
Huawei Standard Component Company Korea
Hung Liang Metals Co. Ltd. Taichung, Taiwan
Hutchinson Transmission Joue Les Tours, France

I.S.Technofab Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan
Idc Expertise Ltd Leicester, United Kingdom
Ind. Equip. Eng. Office Syrian Arab Republic
Individual-Entrepreneur-Rubanovskiy-Konstantin-Vladimirovich Russian Federation
Industrial Association Manich Jsc Stavropol, Russian Federation
Industrial-Company-Polesye-Limited Russian Federation
Inmobiliaria Y Constructora Tor S.A. De C.V. San Nicolas De Los Garza, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Insurtech International Corp. Taipei County, Taipei, Taiwan
International Petrochemical Group Of Co. Pakistan
Interaktivnoe-Agentstvo- Skarui Russian Federation
Irz-Tek Russian Federation
Iskra-St Russian Federation
Isofarma Eusebio, Brazil
Iversen Engineering Ltd. Denmark

Jamen-Llc Russian Federation
Jin Sung Machinery Co. Ltd. South Korea
Jk Lasers Rugby, United Kingdom
Joint Stock Company Meat Processing Plant Ulyanovsky Ulyanovsk, Russian Federation
Joint-Stock-Company-Informational-And-Control-System-Jsc-Inacos Saratov, Saratov, Russian Federation
Jsc Kursk Plant Of Medical Glass Kursk, Russian Federation
Jsc Okeanrybflot Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Jsc-Prima Saratov, Saratov, Russian Federation
Jsc-United-Chemical-Company-Shchekinoazot Russian Federation
Jsc Alejsky Meat-Packing Plant Russian Federation
Jsc Krastsvetmet Russian Federation
Jumbo A Industry Co. Ltd. Nonthaburi, Thailand

Kamchatskiy Meridian Llc Russian Federation
Kamyshin Plant For Drill Tools Ltd. (Kzbi) Volgograd, Russian Federation
Kanash-Cutter-Plant-Jsc Chuvash, Russian Federation
Kedroray Russian Federation
Keiton Engineering Co.Ltd Wednesbury, United Kingdom
Kew Mechanical Corp. Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan
Keyi Machinery Industry Co. Ltd. Taichung, Taichung, Taiwan
Kim Group St. Gallen, Switzerland
Klemat Cz S.R.O. Cambodia
Komos-Grupp Russian Federation
Koosha Tejarat Tehran, Tehran, Iran
Koprulu Makine Hirdavat Insaat Tarim Gida Biyoenerji Kimya Sanayi Ve Ticaret Ltd. Izmir, Izmir, Turkey
Kros-Niat-Jsc Russian Federation

Laygo Gaskets Sl Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
Leinad Marketing Romania
Lepstroy Russian Federation
Lifetro Matrix Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Lih Shan Machinery Factory Co. Ltd. Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan
Lik Ltd Russian Federation
Limited Liability Company Vtorrezina Ekoprom Russian Federation
Limited-Liability-Company-Zak Russian Federation
Llc-Partnerplus Russian Federation
Llc-Poronaiskiy-Zverosovhoz Russian Federation
Llc-Star-Soft Russian Federation
Llc-Tpc-Inntechgroup Russian Federation
Llc Generators Of Ice Water Russian Federation
Llc-Agrotorg-Troitsk Russian Federation
Lld-Skatz Russian Federation
Lukas International Italy

Machine Tools Ltd. Part. Bangkok, Thailand
Mag-Sea International L.L.C Magadan, Russian Federation
Mantracourt Electronics Ltd Exeter, United Kingdom
Mapco Corp Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan
Maverick Valves Bv Schiedam, Netherlands
Mechanical & Food Process Engineering Co. Ltd. Chachaengsao, Thailand
Medicom Mtd Ltd Russian Federation
Medonos Russian Federation
Mega Plast Gmbh Nrw, Germany
Method Machine Works Sdn Bhd Selangor, Selangor, Malaysia
Metod Makina San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
Micar Srl Craiova, Romania
Middle East Recycling Co. Wll United Arab Emirates
Modern Tejarat Shomal Inc Iran
Molinos Azteca Y Juper S.A. De C.V. Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Morven Vale Beverage Consulting Gauteng, Gauteng, South Africa
Mozgov E. I. Belarus
Mpk- Russian Federation
Multiservicios Informatica Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico
Mustard Mill Rodos Ltd. Russian Federation
Mutiara Presisi Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia

Nada Team Taichung, Taichung, Taiwan
Nafta-Expert-Llc Russian Federation
Neo-Him-Ltd Russian Federation
Neolant Group Of Companies (Russia) Russian Federation
New Era Industries Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan
Nhp Trading Germany
Nisan Machinery Ltd Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
Niva Pvt Ltd Co. Ethiopia
Njandomagrosnab Russian Federation
Novelspuma S.A. Industria De Fios Brazil
Npf-Rok-Pillars Russian Federation
Npo Alfa Tm Russian Federation

Oao Izhevskiy Radiozavod (Irz) Russian Federation
Oao-Jangelevskij-Gok Irkutsk, Russian Federation
Oilfield Steam Generators Plant Llc. Russian Federation
Ojsc Kazan Optical-Mechanical Plant Russian Federation
Okonomibistand As Noresund, Norway
Omkaar Resources Pte. Ltd. Hcmc, Hcmc, Vietnam
Omurzak Co. Ltd. Turkey
Opportunity Pro Italy
Optologic Mess- Und Systemtechnik Gmbh Mv, Germany
Orimi-Llc Russian Federation
Ostereng & Benestad Data As Arendal, Norway
Oto Aslanlar A. S. Turkey

P&B Co Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan
Packindo Jakarta Barat, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pacovske Strojirny Trading Czech Republic
Palamatic Process Brece, France
Parshikov-Aleksej-Alekseevich- Russian Federation
Partner-M Cjsc Russian Federation
Pcc-Koordinate-Co-Ltd Russian Federation
Pd. Garuda Jaya Teknik Jakarta Barat, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pd. Garuda Jaya Tehnik Jakarta Barat, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pd. Garuda Jaya Tehnik Glodok Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pkf-Rybnaja-Kompanija-Hodzhaeva- Russian Federation
Plasfine Industria E Comercio Ltda Brazil
Planeta Llc Russian Federation
Plast Consult Srl Romania
Plusexpo Cankaya, Ankara, Turkey
Polygon Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan
Premier Control Technologies Ltd Wymondham, United Kingdom
Prioskolye Cjsc Russian Federation
Propace Embalagens Ltda Brazil
Promobit-Ltd Russian Federation
Pt Cahaya Pilar Sejahtera Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pt Graha Jaya Pratama Kinerja Jakarta Barat, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pt. Makmur Sejahtera Mesindo Jakarta Utara, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pt. Metec Semarang Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pt. Neosys Indonesia Jakarta Utara, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pt.Pasar Kayu Jakarta Utara, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pt. Petro Gama Industri Cikarang, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Pt. Anugrah Rimba Artha Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia
Pt. Sanshui Water Asia Bekasi, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Pt. Sarana Makmur Mandiri Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Pt. Sino-German Indonesia Jakarta Barat, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pt. Utama Perkasa Jakarta Utara, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pt. Wijayamas Teknindo Jakarta Barat, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pt. Alam Sukses Gemilang Jakarta Barat, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pt.Interpack - Sunpack East Java, Indonesia
Pt. Citra Platindo Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia
Pt. Putra Primajaya Cilegon, Banten, Indonesia
Pt. Ometraco Arya Samanta Jakarta Barat, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pt. Kharismapratama Abadisejatindo Medan, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia
Pt. Innovasi Adhi Persada Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia
Pt. Angkasindo Dunia Jakarta Utara, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pt. Alfa Mas Sakti Semarang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia
Pt. Arianto Darmawan Medan Medan, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia
Pt. Bina Karya Waringin Balikpapan, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia
Pt.Cans Agrinusa Bogor, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Pt. Citra Plat Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia
Pt. Continental Hope Singapore - Indonesia Rep Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pt. Dian Palletindo Jaya Bekasi, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Pt. Duta Prima Pramesti Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pt. Fisicon Cemerlang Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Pt. Forinco Ancol Jakarta Utara, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pt. Fusione Laser Technology Jakarta Barat, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pt. Gofir Sarana Sejahtera Jakarta Barat, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pt. Indokarya Tirta Abadi Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia
Pt. Indowater Technology Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta, Indonesia
Pt. Integra Automa Solusi Bekasi, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Pt. Karunia Anugrah Melimpah Bekasi, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Pt.Kimpo Indotama Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia
Ptnk Ukraine
Pyramid Engineering Fatih, Turkey, Turkey

Ra-International-Llc Russian Federation
Redes Urbanas Y Servicios De Planeacion S. A. De C. V. Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
Rich Pacific International Ltd Singapore, Singapore
Rotex Ltd. Part. Bangkok, Thailand
Rusgazengineering-Cjsc Russian Federation
Russian-Association-Of-Tea-And-Coffee-Producers-Rusteacoffee Moscow, Moscow, Russian Federation

S.B.L. Industrial Co. Ltd. Bangkok, Thailand
S.S. Kao Trading Co. Ltd. Taichung, Taichung, Taiwan
Saeng Charoen Pattana Enterprise Co. Ltd. Bangkok, Thailand
Saiyakaya (M) Sdn. Bhd. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Malaysia
Salar Nederland Eindhoven, Netherlands
Sanco Indonesia Pt. Jakarta, Taman, Indonesia
Sawinmak Pvc Embroidery Machines Bursa, Turkey
Sentra Pentaprima Bekasi, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Servizi Industriali International Srl Italy
Servo Lubelskie, Poland
Sevrybkom Russian Federation
Seyma Russian Federation
Shinny Steel & Iron Co. Ltd. Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Siquar Hardware Industry Co. Ltd. Kaohsiung, Yenchao Dist, Taiwan
Sky Alliance Industrial Co. Panchiao, Taiwan
Softcare Silicone Uk Limited Kingston Upon Hull, United Kingdom
Solids Handling And Process Engineering Co. Ltd. Samutprakarn, Samutprakarn, Thailand
Souvenir Inc. Russian Federation
Specta Interpak Llc Kostroma, Russian Federation
Stavropolsugar Cjsc Stavropol, Russian Federation
Star Trace Private Limited Chennai, United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates
Stankofinexpo Kirov, Russian Federation
State-Unitary-Enterprise-Kurgan-Region-Len-Zauralya Russian Federation
Sultan Rubber Industries Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan
Sumber Mandiri Surabaya Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Sunberg Limited London, United Kingdom
Sunpack East Java, Indonesia
Sunshine Metal Product Factory Taiwan
Swentech (Thailand) Co. Ltd. Bangkok, Thailand

Tad Metals Dubai Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tantraco Enterprise Pte Ltd Singapore
Td Gefest Ltd. Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Federation
Texinte Ltd. Osaka, Osaka, Japan
Titiz Machines Co. Ltd. Turkey
Toko King'S Medan, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia
Toko Lima Satu Teknik Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta, Indonesia
Toko Aneka Mesin Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia
Toko Central Cool Makassar Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia
Toko Citra Mesin Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Toko Alat-Pertanian Bekas Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Top Rich Corporation Co. Ltd. Bangkok, Thailand
Tpi Zambia
Tsf Engineering Services Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan

Uab Gm Invest Lithuania
Ud. Javamatech Malang, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Ud. Mesinpengolahanpakan Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Ud. Karya Rimba Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Unisys De Mexico S.A. De C.V. Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
Unicorn Enterprises Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan
Uralhimmash Russian Federation
Usman Enterprises Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan
Ust-Ishimsky Production Combinat Llc Russian Federation

Vanguard General Trading Sharja, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Vedexpert Rostov, Russian Federation
Vika-Rb Ltd. Russian Federation
Vladkristall Llc Russian Federation

Wijayamas Teknindo Jakarta Barat, Jakarta, Indonesia
Williamson Manufacturing Company East Sussex, United Kingdom

Yty Metal Sanayi Dis Ticaret Ltd. Sir. Ankara, Ankara, Turkey
Yu Ching Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Zakrytoe Akcionernoe Obshhestvo Nauchno-Proizvodstvennoe Predprijatie Stanki I Gibkie Avtomaticheskie Sistemy Russian Federation
Zao-Td-Strommashina Russian Federation
Zao Monomakh Russian Federation
Zdorovaja-Eda Russian Federation